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  1. RT Career?

    Okay, that makes sense, thank you.
  2. RT Career?

    Thank you. It is great to get real world information, as I have been getting conflicting information. I'd seen information reporting what you both wrote, but at the same time, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and an article in US News and World ar...
  3. RT Career?

    I'm sorry my question is probably a little out of place here, but I'm having trouble finding an unbiased and timely answer to my question, and there don't seem to be any active RT specific internet forums. I'm getting ready to retire from my governme...
  4. glendale community college nursing program

    I'm sorry if I'm dense, but you're saying all the classes and practicals are scheduled on Friday and Saturdays? Todd
  5. glendale community college nursing program

    I had a question about the Glendale weekend program. I understand the classes are on the weekends, right? Are the practicals all scheduled on weekends too? Todd
  6. evening/weekend nursing and clinical programs?

    Check out Rio Salado, part of the community college network. There may be more but this is the program I'm shooting for. Todd