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rnffemtguy is a BSN, RN and specializes in EMS, ER.

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  1. rnffemtguy

    Are there any PLATTSBURGH, NEW YORK RN's here?

    Plattsburgh NY? Isn't that in Canada eh? If you get a couple more posts in to make 15 (the minimum for messaging) send me a PM......
  2. rnffemtguy

    Nurses not immune to sick economy

    AMEN!!!!! I agree that it's taken the media quite some time to catch on. Like another poster said though, if it starts coming out more in the media about the present situation, nursing school enrolement will decline and the future impact will be an even greater shortage. Kind of a vicious cycle if you ask me, you'd think the government would do something to correct it instead of bringing in foreign nurses....
  3. rnffemtguy

    nursing licensure by endorsement

    You're welcome grace, so far I've put in four applications and have been contacted back by all four, I'm just waiting for the Florida licsence now to schedule interviews. As far as other people having a hard time I don't think they are looking in the right places, many of the hospitals I've applied to have numerous open positions and all have some kind of either new grad or extended orientations. Don't let a few posters scare you from your dreams, I've found that the posts here represent a very small cross section of the larger nursing population, and some just come here to vent, I'm not sure what the cause is, but like I said, don't listen to the naysayers....
  4. rnffemtguy

    nursing licensure by endorsement

    Hi there, I'm in the process of endorsing my Licsence to Florida also, from a quick look at http://www.nursys.com/ it doesn't appear that PA is a nursys affiliated state, so you'll need to send the license verification request sheet & fee to your state board to have your licsence verified to Florida. As far as the med error course, the Florida BON site http://www.doh.state.fl.us/mqa/nursing/nur_lic_reqEnd.html , recomends http://www.cebroker.com there are several options for the course there, I took the one from nurse.com: www.nurse.com/ce/60033/Preventing-Medical-Errors-Florida-Requirement/ for $15 online. Also take a look in the Florida forum here, I think there is a sticky about licensing in Florida & CE stuff. Hope this helps, do you have any leads on jobs in Florida?, I've found alot more than there are here in NY. Best of luck to you....
  5. rnffemtguy

    Silly reason for ER visit?

    Just as long as she didn't call 911 at 0300 for it, been there done that a few times at varrying hours of the early morning. I'm not the most congenial person when someone breaks their toe at 1500 and calls 911 at some god forsaken hour, especially when they say that they called the ER and the staff told them to come in, and when they say they don't have a ride the ER staff tells them to call EMS.....
  6. rnffemtguy

    Rhythm Analysis

    Try "ECG Interpretation Made Incredibly Easy!", it's a good book that I learned alot out of, and used it to teach our EMT's. Widely available, got mine in Barnes & Noble but it's also available on sites like amazon.com
  7. rnffemtguy

    Nursing shortage?

    I just found this on another message board, the OP asked about LPN jobs in a certain area and this is the reply by another member:
  8. rnffemtguy

    Getting seriously depressed

    Hey thrash, no I'm not planning on taking a refresher course unless I'm told that I need it. At this point I can't really afford to do one, plus a couple nurse recruiters I've talked to said my EMT experience is a plus, at least it shows that I have some ongoing experience to keep some skills sharp. How is your search going?, has the gap in between graduating and practicing been any problem to you at all?, I'm not too awful concerned about it, I think most people/places understand that due to the current economy it's not really an issue, although it certainly does not give us an edge when interviewing against more recent grads....
  9. rnffemtguy

    Getting seriously depressed

    Thanks Mez, congrats on the job, I replied to your other thread. Yeah i hear yah there about the LTC, like I said I'm looking at a couple places right now with open positions so I have my fingers crossed, sent out the apps today....
  10. rnffemtguy

    7 Months of Searching: Still No Job, About To Give Up

    Wow Mez, what's the name of that Hospital in Texas? I'd say they're seriously disorganized, but it was nice of them to give you a free trip. Congrats on the job though man, you really deserve it!!!
  11. rnffemtguy

    Getting seriously depressed

    Thanks Diaper, your situation sounds similar to mine while you were in the "pre-move" stage, it's good to hear that you've had a good experience since. I've been doing alot of searching and have found quite a few open positions around where my parents winter in Florida, and I'm going to be sending out apps to them soon. It gives me hope that there are open positions with comparable pay and benefits to what I can't find here...... Like you said, it's getting over the hurdle, "The first job is always the hardest", truer words I've never heard :uhoh21:
  12. rnffemtguy

    Spinal protocols

    I can't speak from the RN standpoint on this, but I can speak from the EMS side. New York just went to the Maine protocol for spinal immobilization. We carry the check off sheets in our clipboards with the PCR's, and now have a protocol to follow when we believe that full spinal immobilization isn't warrated (ie low speed imapcts w/pt's ambulatory PTOA). As to whether this has impacted the number of needless spinal immobilizations we perform I personally don't see alot of difference. It is at the discretion of the EMT in charge to determine if immobilization protocols are going to be followed, but there alot of variables that come into play and the way the new protocols are written we still have the option to immobilize by discretion, and I, like any other EMT that has been around awhile, tend to er on the side of caution. I think I have the protocol update on powerpoint, I'll have to see if I can find it..... Just to add: What always gets my biscuits is the RN who yanks the collar off and litterally dumps the pt off the board and throws the stuff back at us as we're leaving the room, I always tell them I put that on the pt for a reason and tell the provider as I meet them in the door that I did have the pt immobilized (sorry, my rant for the night)
  13. rnffemtguy

    clarity about the job situation

    I just came across HCA West Florida's recruiting website, Hillary Kantor, a nurse recruiter, had a blog post in June that I found insightfull, here's the link: http://recruitingathcawest.com/2009/06/14/recession-impacts-even-nursing/
  14. rnffemtguy

    Tampa Bay Area

    I recently spoke with a nurse recruiter from a bay area hospital and starting base pay was $22.10/hr plus shift differentials, 1500-2300 $3.83, 2300-0700 $5.32 & weekend diff was another $2.55
  15. rnffemtguy

    Does anyone know?

    Thanks everybody, I kinda figured I'm being fed a line of B.S., now I know....
  16. rnffemtguy

    Does anyone know?

    If it's a law in NY that an RN needs a year of med/surg experience before working in an ER/ED? I've searched the subject and seen the question asked before but no solid answers....