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  1. anatomy vs. physiology

    I gotta know what the parts are before you know how they work.
  2. The only reasons I passed my A&P classes with a C & B were because I found a study partner and I had regular study sessions with her (at least twice a week). I also cut my hours at work down to 20 a week, so if you can do that, it makes it t...
  3. Waiting for the acceptance letter

    It doesn't hurt to call and ask...I'm waiting for mine also, they are supposed to be sending it by the beginning of March. The wait is driving me crazy!
  4. The Trauma after the Trauma

    Thank you for sharing your story, it was truly inspiring! You are such a strong person...the kind of nurse that I'm aspiring to be.
  5. The Boy with the Broken Heart

    wow...that story definitely brought tears to my eyes...I couldn't imagine the pain those parents are feeling!