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  1. levoila

    csulb elm4 msn thought?

  2. levoila

    csulb elm4 msn thought?

    what is your thought?
  3. levoila

    csulb elm4 msn thought?

    I wish we didn't have all these papers to write That's my thought!
  4. levoila

    CSU Long Beach Students???

    In case any of you were planning on applying for the Spring, it seems only CSULB students will be eligible: http://www.csulb.edu/colleges/chhs/departments/nursing/ Spring 2010 Update Due to the continuing California budget crisis, CSUs are not accepting transfer applications for Spring 2010. Therefore, to be considered for Spring 2010 admission, applicants must be continuing CSULB students. The School of Nursing regrets that it will not be allowed to consider non CSULB students for the Spring 2010 admission cycle.
  5. I'm registered to take it on September 26. I think you can register for that date until September 4. I don't remember which other dates were available. I just wanted to get it out of the way.
  6. You probably have to call to be admitted to the university. Try calling the number that was posted earlier in this thread. I was able to log in after being admitted over the phone last month.
  7. levoila

    Anyone get into CSUF's EL-MSN Program?

    The scrubs are navy blue dickies. I found out when I went on the tour of the simulation lab. Last week I received an email informing me that I was admitted to CSUF, but have already decided to go to CSULB. I'm going to be a little envious of your simulation lab--CSULB is building a new one this Fall--but it won't be ready until the following year, so I don't know if I'll get to use it. In any case, I'm happy that I'll get to pick my specialty once the MSN core courses finish. It's going to be a challenging 3 years, but we'll be on our way soon. I wish you all the best!
  8. oh! wow! I wonder if they would be willing to do that again.
  9. From the info session I attended last Fall, I understood that the EL-BSN/MSN program would lead to the CNS specialty. Then, upon completing the program, we'd be able to transition into the NP post-master's certification without having to reapply. Becoming a CNS is not a prerequisite for becoming a NP. For example, if I had completed an A-BSN program, gotten experience, then applied to NP MSN programs, that would have worked. The difference with CSULB's EL-BSN/MSN program (so I was informed) was that is was geared specifically to produce clinical nurse specialists, not nurse practitioners. However, if we chose to stick around, as CSULB grad students, we'd be able to complete the NP post master's without having to reapply. When pandora12 posted that she was in the FNP track, that surprised me because from what I remember, we would have to complete the CNS coursework before transitioning to the NP post-master's. So my question then became, after finishing the BSN, are we able to choose the track we want to pursue--rather than the preset CNS track. I hope that makes sense haha I think that having the CNS training will be helpful for managing acute patients and I wouldn't mind the extra training before completing my ultimate goal of becoming a NP--especially if the NP classes are as disappointing as pandora12 says. After getting the MSN, we can get the post-master's anywhere else if there is a better program out there.
  10. Thank you so much for posting pandora12. I haven't had any luck meeting anyone that is actually in the program. I've only talked to people that did CSULA's program and they all told me that long beach had a good program too. I'm so disappointed to hear that you are so frustrated. What is it you are most unhappy/disappointed about? So you mentioned that you're in the FNP track, does that mean that you don't have to finish the CNS degree before switching to FNP? Is it really that bad? I was so excited about this program because of the option to transition into the post-master's certification program. I didn't realise that we wouldn't have to complete the CNS coursework before starting on the FNP. Do people in the other available specialties feel the same? Would you recommend sticking with the CNS coursework and doing the FNP elsewhere? Thanks again for any input/ advice you can offer :)
  11. Congrats!!
  12. levoila

    CSUN Accelerated B.S.N. Fall 2009 Applicants

    Is the second summer session at pierce also cancelled?
  13. levoila

    CSUN Accelerated B.S.N. Fall 2009 Applicants

    Chem 51 might be different from school to school. If assist.org says it's equivalent to whatever class they're asking for, it should be fine. I took Chem 51 at ELAC and they accepted that. I know that CSULB requires Chem 70 in addition to Chem 51 if it was taken at LATTC, whereas Chem 51 from the other LA Colleges is fine. That seems lame that they didn't check for you. If assist.org says it's equivalent and as long as it covers Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry, you should be fine. Go to an info session--they'll answer your questions there.
  14. May 29th
  15. CSULB's entry-level BSN/MSN to become a clinical nurse specialist and then transition (hopefully) into the post-master's nurse practitioner certification. I'll get the BSN after 16 months, then continue onto the MSN for another 18 months, and finally finish the post-master's in two additional semesters (I think). I'm really excited! How did it go today? I'm curious on what I'm missing out on. I was really excited about starting the CSUN A-BSN this month, but decided it was worth waiting to start in August to get the MSN out of the way sooner.
  16. I won't be going to CSUN after all. Labelledame, I sent you a pm. I want to wish everyone good luck tomorrow. I hope you all have a great time and I'm sorry I won't get to meet you. Thank you all for helping temper the anxiety of waiting for decisions--I think I would have driven everyone crazy if it weren't for allnurses.com Best wishes!