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married for 25 years to the same husband; 2 daughters; 1 son-in-law; 1 niece who lives with us

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  1. rubyd'quis

    Any new grads start in OR?

    Take heart! Any new job takes time to adjust. I have worked in the PACU for some time. When I change locations to a different hospital, the routine is different, the paper work is different, and the people are different from what you've had before. Most new grads feel overwhelmed. You're still building on your foundation. Even it you feel that you're on your preceptor's last nerve, ask questions if you're unsure of anything. We have students come into our unit where I work. Sometimes RN's think they were born with a license, but we need to remember that we were there once too. Keep trying and you'll love it. Most people who work in surgery wouldn't want to work anywhere else. If, after a year or so, you find that it's not for you, you can find something else.
  2. rubyd'quis

    practice questions

    Lawsuits happen! And when things do happen, the RN is the responsible person and it's every man or woman for his/herself. Trust me, when the fire dies down and the smoke clears away, you'll be standing all alone. No one will have your back. If you feel it's not right, go to risk management, an attorney or someone to C.Y.A. Go to the surgeon privately to make sure he's aware of this because he may think that the tech is certified. It's far better to leave a position and find another job than to lose your license because of someone else's mistakes.
  3. rubyd'quis

    Pre-op telephone assessments

    I did pre-op H&P's at an out-pt facility for a while. I called the patient about a week in advance to verify data and routine meds. I also arranged for lab work, ekg's, med clearance and a plethera of other things. I had routine pre-printed MD orders and anesthesia orders. On the day of surgery, the anesthesiologist would interview the pt and the info gathered by the RN. It could get pretty hectic at times. Most of the time it was okay.
  4. rubyd'quis

    PACU visitors

    I recently read an article in JOPAN regarding family visitation in the PACU. I am interested in the thoughts/ opinions (pro or con) of others regarding this topic. thanks! ruby:)
  5. rubyd'quis

    Just sayin gday

    Hello there! I am newer to this than you. I am also a PACU nurse with other varied experiences since 1991. My first career was as a caseworker with social services (for 10 years!). Nice to meet you:)
  6. rubyd'quis

    Hello fellow PACU friends !

    Hi! I work in PACU, too. I have 2 daughters, but they are adults. I also have 1 son-in-law. As you can see, I'm pretty new to the discussion board set. Perhaps we can share stories sometimes. :roll
  7. rubyd'quis

    I need info from all the PACU nurses.

    VS are done q 10min and prn until d/c:)
  8. rubyd'quis

    PACU visitation

    In this month's issue of JOPAN, I read an article regarding family visitations in the PACU. Any comments (pro or con) about allowing family members of post-op patients to be at the bedside while the patient is in the recovery room?
  9. rubyd'quis

    Where Do The IV's Get Started

    At our hospital, IV's are generally started by the Pre-Op Holding nurses. If the case is an exceptionally hard stick, then it's by anesthesia. For peds, it's usually in the OR after they've been masked down.