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  1. Gen2Nurse

    Is it me or is hiring at Kaiser Permanente a joke???

    I know how you feel. I was hired by an eager Department Manager with a Kaiser outpatient facility. It took 5 weeks before I actually started, meanwhile I turned down another hospital offer to go with the Golden Egg Kaiser. The initial Kaiser welcome orientation was like a fairy tale. Unfortunately it was no happy ending once I was on the floor. The nurses I trained with we're to put it nicely, evil. They wanted me to fail and set me up to make me look incompetent. I guess i wasn't who they wanted in their house, so they snuffed me out. I cried everyday afterword from the mistreatment. It didnt get better when I asked for reassignment to another unit. They won when the manager who hired me took her vacation and they forced me to resign or be fired. I was three weeks away from my probation ending. It makes me sick to this day, and it happened 4 months ago. I don't know what to do now, or where to try to work. I am scared that every job will be like this, and I thought Kaiser was the best in the biz?...
  2. Gen2Nurse

    Applying as LVN or RN externship

    Wow!!! What hospital did you intern at?
  3. Gen2Nurse

    Kaiser Curious?

    At my rotation at Kaiser, I was told it's 23$hr starting out. It is a union job so therefore a set pay rate.
  4. Gen2Nurse

    LVN Hospital Salary..Southern California

    How did you get vent certified?
  5. Gen2Nurse

    Kaiser Interview for LVNs

    How did it go? I am interested in Kaiser as well. As a new grad myself, I was not sure if I should apply for the LVN II jobs they keep posting. How were you able to score an interview as a new grad? Any info would be much appreciated!! P.S. Good Luck:)
  6. Gen2Nurse

    new grad lvn in ca

    I like your take on marketing yourself based on other skills. Do you think you could post you resume, so I could get an idea of how yours looked -- it worked afterall!! I am trying to come up with a new resume as well. I just passed the NCLEX.!! Now I have to start working ASAP.
  7. Nothing is wrong with it!!! You can do a lot with your LVN degree, and get your RN later if you want. I have lots of classmates that already have their Bachelors, so don't think you are alone. You will do well with the fact that you can handle your study schedule, having had your experience. Good luck, and be proud!
  8. Gen2Nurse

    Skeptical about the high amount of Student Loan

    My school is 26,500. It was a lot to swallow at first, but now I can see how much I am learning. It feels so great to work in a field where I can actually help people and make a difference. It is worth the loan. Less than many cars you can buy, right? Go for it, and don't look back.
  9. Gen2Nurse

    I wish everyone would get it...let me study!!!

    Thank you all!! Things are much better now. I am more direct about saying NO now, and my friends/family have adjusted. I even delayed my sons birthday party by 1 month and he was fine with it. I guess it took time to adjust for everyone. I am sure they will need reminders here and there, but overall they have adapted to the new me.
  10. I am 10 weeks in, and loving it. While it is challenging, it's also wonderful being challenged (especially after doing the Mom thing for the past 8 years). I am amazed that I have a 97% class average, and clinicals are going well too. I do focus more than several of my classmates. We have lost 2 so far, mostly due to not meeting deadlines. The tests are not that hard if you study, so I am really suprized that many in my class have failed tests. I can see a big difference between those who are a little older and the ones who are in their early 20's. I think back and remember myself then, and can totally relate to them. With nursing, you have to be serious and proffessional! If you don't waste time joking around or complaining, then you can really focus and its not that hard. Wish me luck that I keep my momentum!
  11. Gen2Nurse

    Please help me!

    You have a lot to learn, and study the first 6 weeks. I would wait to get your cna. I am glad I have no previous experience in a facility, and therfore have not picked up any bad habits...sorry but I just had my 2nd day in clinicals, and there were serious/dangerous practices happening. It's better to learn your scope of practice in school, then you can known what an lpn/vn should do -- not what a cna does. Good luck, its tough but worth it.
  12. Gen2Nurse

    its my turn...

    That is awesome!! Good for you, and thanks for giving us all hope.
  13. Gen2Nurse

    I wish everyone would get it...let me study!!!

    You are all so right. A part of me wants to just deal with it without creating waves, and making people think they have to treat me "special". I am a people pleaser, and it goes against my nature to say no and be negative about things. I also don't want people to just not even consider me for stuff anymore either, I mean I don't want to be forgotten because of this. But I know what I can handle, and I know that thinking and planning anything other than what I have to is just not an option -- if I want to pass. So I am going to use my hubby as a buffer, and hope everyone understands
  14. Gen2Nurse

    I wish everyone would get it...let me study!!!

    Thank you Pharmgirl! You are so right. I have been preping mentally for this for a while, and I guess they do too. Thanks for the reply. It helps to hear that I am not the only one with this issue.
  15. I have 4 weeks under my belt in an LVN program. I have been getting straight A's on all my tests, knock on wood. I had to cut back on my pt job (waitressing). So I work fri, sat,sun and have school mon-thur. Its doable but I ache for a day off. I study every day, with only a night off here and there. I couldn't see staying sane and working any more than I do. I also have two young kids, and a helpful hubby. Its all the other stuff in life like b-days/holidays/family obligations that are really wearing on me. Good luck to you. Just remember that NS is your top priority.
  16. So I have to rant a little. I am in my 5th week of NS, and I am actually doing well. I have taken 3 tests, and got high 90% on all. The trouble I am having is all the people in my life (besides my hubby,thank god) who don't get it that NS is my priority. For instance my in-laws, who are great except, they keep planning stuff including me when I really cant participate. Not to mention my Aunt coming into town and wanting to stay at my house,and my close friend giving me a guilt trip about going to their housewarming party. Then there are the birthday parties that my kids friends want me to take them to. I even opted out of a week long camping trip with my family (in-laws), but I am still expected to plan/shop for the food, and pack... I think NS school would be cake if everyone else would stop and think "Oh yah, she is trying to study and actually change her life -- lets not expect her to take on extra stuff". I know that I sound like an ingrate, I know that the old me (pre -NS me) would have no problem with any of this. Now though I feel resentful toward those I love for wanting me to do anything more than what I have to. I also feel really guilty for resenting them, cause I know that they just want to include me. I dont know how to get through the next 13 months without blowing up at someone. I dont want to sound like a selfish bit**. It is true that I feel like this is my time, and f them all if they dont get that I am puting me first for once...but I cant say that. What to do, what to do?