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  1. RockiRN

    BP dropping at beginning of tx=need help

    she has been on dialysis over ten years. Is only 41 years old now. About six years ago she developed an allergy to our reuse and would drop pressures dramatically at the onset. So she has been no reuse since then.
  2. RockiRN

    BP dropping at beginning of tx=need help

    Her GI bleed is not active, HGB is stable and has been for several months. Pre tx BP 140's. And we prime with 700 NS, recirc for at least ten minutes, then drain off the other 300 NS. I am at a loss.
  3. Hi, does anyone have any suggestions? I have a patient who has had GI bleed, CVA and is aphasic. Several times now, but not every treatment, she drops her BP into the 80's about twnety five minutes into treatment. This happens whether we are removing fluid or not. Her BP doesn't seem to respond to NS bolus, glucose is normal, no c/o CP, no funny taste in her mouth. She is not on reuse. I suspect dialyzer reaction, but have not drawn complements, my boss thinks disequilibrium. Pt. is NOT on any BP meds. Has anyone ever experienced similar episodes with their patients?
  4. RockiRN

    heparin/Dialysis push formula

    The general rule of thumb is to use 100 units of heparin per kilogram of body weight. Syringes are 10cc and are filled with 1000u/ml of heparin, so each cc equals 1000 units----if the patient needs 5000 units of onset heparin, then he gets 5cc. Hope this helps.
  5. RockiRN

    Making assignment sheets

    Brian-- We run three shifts of patients every day, and they generally sit in the same seat. (This may change if one is in the hospital and I plug someone else in their spot ) Most run four hours. Staffing is a whole different issue. Most of the day shift work eight hours, but one or two work tens (This enables an extra person to help with the PM changeover. The evening staff works ten hours and start their day at 11:00 (Helps with noon changeover). Frequently we are shortstaffed, so myself or the educator may take a pod until a night shift license comes in. Our clinic is divided into two seperate pods with one license on each side, and three or four PCTs. On a good day we may have three licenses so can divide up in smaller teams. Our pod sheet now is one double sided piece of paper that I have a seating arrangement of patients with their ontimes, then a separate piece of paper that I staple to it with the staff assignments. We do have frequent call ins, and our numbers are not consistent either, so I make the sheet out by hand every day, and change it as callins warrent. I am desperate, any help you have will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  6. RockiRN

    Making assignment sheets

    I work in a thirty station freestanding clinic and am having trouble coming up with an assigment sheet that is not only easy to read, but also easy to fill out. What does your clinic use? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. We run three shifts of patients six days a week. Thanks.