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  1. looking for your help

    Wake University Baptist Medical Center in Winston Salem, NC. We accept new grads, 28 week orientation with interviews going on now for our 2009 July class.
  2. Ok, so picture this. Brand new nurse, in the 1970's, in her little white uniform with her long hair severely pulled back into a bun in order to bobby pin her white cap with one black stripe in place. And of course, there is a caduceus stick pin at th...
  3. Stress related near breakdown

    I have walked in those moccasins you are wearing and realized that I was perimenopausal which is life changing, physically, emotionally and mentally. The best thing for me was to attend a few seminars on the topic, read and follow what is recommende...
  4. Poll: Does your O.R. have RN's working 11pm-7am?

    We are a Level 1 Trauma/Magnet with 40 ORs so we have a specific team (called the BEST team) of 40 people who work nights, weekends and holidays so we also do not do call.