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  1. Me, myself and Facebook

    I am so glad that we are becoming aware of the effect of social websites and their impact on us professionally. I removed all of the information on my fb page...
  2. Got No Job? Come be an RN !

    :yeah: thank you...and wow...for all of my nursing life, I've viewed EVERY patient as if I was taking care of a parent...makes griping disappear, brings out the loving spirit in my co workers can see that, the patient DEFINITELY can ( which...
  3. How do LVN'S train to become Case Managers??

    re: fell into the job... I know! I met one once, and that's what she says, it just fell in her lap... thanks for info!! If I find out on my own, I will post it...somehow.....:redbeathe
  4. What experience is needed for an LVN to work as a case manager?
  5. What the heck is up with nursing school tests??!!

    Good question! I have experienced this first hand...had a teacher who said, "my lecture IS the test!" my classmates and I recorded all the lectures, stayed awake for 2 nights rewinding the tapes, listening to her voice day and night. We get t...
  6. Got No Job? Come be an RN !

    ...thank you for responding. I was beginning to think that no one from the nursing world that I've lived in for 15 years was on this site. I work registry too as a PCA in a major metro city in Cali:)... I get to watch all of the afore mentioned ...
  7. Got No Job? Come be an RN !

    :) ...and you're right. I am off base with the insulin ( I can be very overzealous about this subject cause I am so, so tired of seeing bad nursing....I live in a large city, and I'm tired of it) because some have Type 1...but I am just saying tha...
  8. Got No Job? Come be an RN !

    ...RE: What? I am giving and taking insulin at the same time? I'm smoking a cigarette, and teaching my patient about the effects it has on the respiratory system at the same time? I'm giving Effexor, and taking some at the same time? I believe tha...
  9. Got No Job? Come be an RN !

    ...btw, I will never respond to anyone's appeal for an argument.. My point is simple: Patient first. Business second.... That's all I am really saying. Nursing schools as well as hospitals have money as the primary purpose. Meanwhile there a...
  10. Got No Job? Come be an RN !

    :smokin:You're right. I am new to the site, and just learned how to navigate my way through... I apologize if that irritated you. I really hope what I said didn't hurt your feet when I stepped on your toes... Hospitals closing?? What about PEOPLE...
  11. Has anyone ever heard of

    Try Accredited Healthcare, or Nursefinders....
  12. Got No Job? Come be an RN !

    :yeah: I was so inspired by your post. I have been a PCA for a long time, and can always tell which nurses I am working with. There are those that came into the profession to simply make money...working with them as a PCA and an RN student sorta gi...
  13. What do you do to prevent falls?

    :nurse:I'm the PCA where I work...we just monitor, monitor, you have nursing assistants on your unit? This is what I do all night long...good luck with the research!:heartbeat
  14. Undecided in which LVN school to attend?

    So true! None of the "student nurses" that were cheating in first semester passed. They all, except one, failed, and that one person doesn't realize that although they may be able to pass the NCLEX, their name and reputation in the community of n...
  15. Undecided in which LVN school to attend?

    :heartbeat I sooo understand your dilemma. I am halfway through an RN program, and had to stop cause I have to work full time..I have kids and we need food on our table. I am choosing to do an LVN program at this stage, and then do and LVN-BSN prog...