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tmartinez.RN.BSN specializes in ICU.

Graduated from SJSU SON in December '08. Will be starting as a new grad nurse in the ICU at the VA.

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  1. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    VA Hiring

    I applied in January...however, I had been working on the unit as a nurse assistant and VALOR student nurse resident while I was in nursing school. That helped a lot. I'm not doing the Versant new grad program...I'm just a regular hire new grad nurse. I consider myself VERY lucky.
  2. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    VA Hiring

    I think it's ending. I just got hired at the Palo Alto VA and I start on Monday. G'luck to everyone.
  3. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    Anyone else get into the VA Versant Program for 2009??

    blessed_RN: thank you for the congrats! i am so happy to have been given these opportunities...we ALL know how hard they are to come by these days. back in nursing school, i did 2 semesters of med-surg at the VA Palo Alto. i had worked as a nursing assistant in LTC before & during school, but I wanted to work as a NA at the VA in med-surg. My clinical instructor (who was a manager at the VA in another ICU) ended up passing my app & resume to the manager in the higher level ICU. I worked as an NA in that ICU from July 07-May 08. I heard about the VALOR program (gives student nurses an opportunity to work with a preceptor for the summer). So I did that from May 08-Dec 08 (they extended my appointment, which I was grateful for). During my VALOR appt, the nurse manager approached me a couple times with interest that she wanted to hire me as a staff nurse when the time came. She had already given my name to HR & the nurse exec even before I had taken boards b/c she knew the freeze was still in effect. So that's my story. I think the freeze has lifted now b/c about 2-3 wks ago HR finally got a hold of me and we got the ball rolling. So I should be starting in the next 2 weeks or so, hopefully. Hope that answered your questions. Sorry for the novel. haha. and G'luck to you!
  4. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    Anyone else get into the VA Versant Program for 2009??

    hi there! I'm not doing Versant, but I did get hired as a new grad nurse at the VA Palo Alto. I'll be working in the MSICU. Someone I met in an EKG class is doing Versant...she'll be in the MSICU with me. I heard there's a good number of you. And it's a great program for you to become familiar with the hospital and system. What unit will you be on?
  5. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    San Jose State: GPA requirement

    i did most of my clinicals at the VA Palo Alto (sems 4/5 med-surg and sem 7 psych at VA Menlo Park). i really liked those facilities. After sem 5 my clinical instructor helped me get a job as a nurse assistant in the ICU. I ended up doing a summer preceptorship on the same unit. and they just hired me as an RN as well. so i'm biased towards the VA for obvious reasons. i did my peds rotation at VMC and i didn't like it only b/c i don't like peds. however, i've heard from a lot of my classmates that they did a lot at VMC in all rotations. so if you get a good registration date, try for VMC. wherever you end up, just make the most of it and try to get as much experience as you can. the job market for new grads sucks right now! there aren't many jobs right now. some of my classmates are moving down south and even out of state. if you can get a job at one of the local hospitals during nursing school, do it. most likely they will try to hire you when the time comes. hopefully the market will pick up once your class is getting ready to graduate. and it's true they don't allow you to pick where you want to precept at. however, they try to place you at hospitals where you have done clinicals at. but that's not always the case (i got placed at o'connor on a ortho/neuro/spine unit). g'luck to you and feel free to ask me any other questions! :)
  6. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    San Jose State: GPA requirement

    hey all. i graduated from SJSU this past December! Some advice...pay attention to what you learn in Semester 3, especially Patho. It's one of those cornerstone classes that will definitely come in handy later, especially semester 5! G'luck to you all trying to get in and trying to get through the program! 3 years seems like a long time, but before you know it, you'll be finishing sem 8! Believe me!
  7. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    Graduation and taking the boards

    Here in CA I submitted my paperwork to my BRN in November (since we can sit for the exam before our files are complete). Graduated December 20th, 2008. Got my paperwork the first week of January 09. Took the NCLEX-RN Jan 20th. Found out last week that I passed. :)
  8. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    Has anyone took NCLEX in the afternoon?

    I took mine in the afternoon. I scheduled that way so I could get more sleep and not rush as well. However, I woke up early and was super anxious all day. I couldn't even eat anything, so I was starving while I was taking my test! I did pass, but I kind of wished I had taken it in the morning. G'luck to you!
  9. tmartinez.RN.BSN


    congrats...and happy birthday! go celebrate double-time now! :)
  10. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    Still no results after 8 days...

    i didn't get any math questions, only 1 SATA and i passed. i wouldn't go looking that far into what kinds of questions you got. just try to relax a little bit while you're waiting...i know, easier said than done. Good luck to you!
  11. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    170+ questions and 2 weeks later...PASSED!

    i think i wrote in the other thread that you started...g'luck to you and hope you get positive results soon!
  12. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    Still no results after 8 days...

    wait for a few more days...if 2 weeks pass and you haven't heard anything, call the BRN. i waited for 3 weeks for results b/c my transcripts weren't in and my file was incomplete. called yesterday to confirm that my file was finally complete and saw my name this morning on the BRN website! hang in there...and good luck to you! *took the test on the 20th and got 170+ questions*
  13. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    Anyone fr CA that took nclex rn and passed after 10 days?

    I passed after 3 weeks exactly. It was because my file wasn't complete because of transcripts. I called the CA-BRN yesterday to confirm that my file was complete (It was completed yesterday morning). Found out this morning I passed. Suzanne's right...just wait and don't assume.
  14. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    Help, I took my Nclex-RN today and got 190+ questions

  15. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    New grad program at VA palo alto?

    their new grad program starts march 23rd. i know some people starting it...i guess they were conducting interviews during these past couple of weeks. i would call them just to see the status of your application.
  16. tmartinez.RN.BSN

    January nclex supporters

    just wanted to update everyone...found out this morning that i passed! i'm so stoked. i just wanted to thank everyone for their support & encouragement!