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  1. SwimStudent

    Salary negotiation

    I echo the above responses. As well, ask realistically how many hours a week on average do you expect to be working. I'm a fairly new NP with a year and a half of experience. I remember my first job interview quoted me 85K a year (i work in the southern states). However, I soon realized with the hospital rounding, being on call, etc. that I would be working some 45 to 50+ hours a week. Dividing the salary by the hours the wage was less than what I was making as a floor RN (much less if you factor in overtime) so I rejected it. 3 year contract seems rather steep. I told my current employer in which I signed a one year contract with that "the contract is to protect you, not me. The point of me signing the contract is that I'm happy with the compensation" I brought up xyz that I wanted to be changed in the compensation and we negotiated from there. Make sure you're happy with the job and compensation before signing a 3 year contract.
  2. SwimStudent

    Negotiating compensation

    um, Run! Kidding! In all seriousness you've given this a lot of thought and even your low-ball calculations justify a good counter offer on your part. Take this information to them and use it as ammo! Also, use the data salary info and the fact that you're not asking for health insurance as additional ammo. Perhaps work in an incentive structure, is there one not mentioned?
  3. SwimStudent

    New job and I am happy = WIN!

    Cocoa I'm so happy for you! I can feel the pep in your step! We've been following your story for a while now and I'm glad it has a happy ending! I just got my first np job! Took me 5 months after graduation but I can say I'm super excited about it and can't wait to start =)
  4. SwimStudent

    Need negotiating advice!

    The 2nd deal is slightly better when calculated out. However both deals are good. Here's what I did to calculate: Assumptions are made that both jobs are 40 hours a week. The 2nd job in addition adds 16 hours a month (assuming those two weekend days a month are 8 hours a day). Dividing this by 4 weeks a month adds 4 hours a week to the second job. So the Second job actually totals 44 hours a week. Now finding hourly wage from salary: 1st job: $95,000 divided by 52 weeks in a year, divided by 40 hours a week = $45.67 an hour 2nd job: $110,000 divided by 52 weeks in a year, divided by 44 hours a week = $48.08 an hour So it's pretty close. Things to consider the first job you won't have to work weekends. If that's important for you not to do or you have children (childcare), that may work in your favor. The second job you're seeing a little fewer patients so it's a little less stressful, as well you may only have to actually work just a few hours on the weekends (that's a good deal). This is assuming both jobs have near the same level of complexity. The certifications may not get you a bigger salary, but still make you a good candidate. Use them to negotiate for things like a parking space or maybe a little more vacation time! Sometimes you have to think outside the salary box! Let us know what you do! I'll be negotiating myself next month (First NP Job too)! I'm glad we're sticking up for ourselves and I hope post like these continue =)
  5. SwimStudent

    Negotiating my salary is exhausting!

    Let us know how it goes! Negotiate the number of hours per week you will be working into that contract if you read this! Other things I'm worried about if you decide to take the job and quit later on once you have the experience for a better job: 1) Is there a non-compete? If this employer is changing salary after you've started working, there might be some unruly non-compete. I have heard horror stories of NPs having to commute 60 miles to another job after leaving their previous due to a non-compete. 2) Is there a required length of service? A 1 or 2 year contract with an expensive buyout will make you miserable and could be detrimental to your budget if you decide to break it. (plus add on a non-compete sending you to another county for work, yikes). 3) If the MD is thinking of future call, remember that will increase your number of hours worked. What could really work in your favor is at the 3 month review of salary when he wants you to take call is to negotiate that into your pay. This is your worth, freeing up time for the MD, which is very valuable to him. Make your worth known!
  6. SwimStudent

    Negotiating my salary is exhausting!

    I echo the above comments. Is the weight loss job still on the table? Is the weight loss job strict hourly and no benefits? I'm assuming you would like the IM position for broader experience but that offer sounds low. I need to know so, so, sooo much more. How many patients are you seeing? If this is a very low volume job that may be a reasonable offer. However if the manager is expecting you to churn out 25 to 30+ patients a day run for the hills and take that weightloss job. Also ask the same for the weight loss job. Realistically at the IM job, how many hours a week will you have to work?. The main drawback to Salary positions is it's basically giving the manager "free work" after 40 hours a week. Say that you work an average of 45 hours a week and you get your 80K salary. That will average about $34.19/hour. That's $25/hour or so less than the weight loss job. On the other hand, what if this salaried job only required you being there 30 hours a week. That's $52.28/hour. Other things I would need to consider: Does the weight loss job come with benefits? $60/hour sounds great but is that full time or just 12 hours during the week? Just wage wise not including other benefits and assuming equal interest the weight loss job sounds much better. (BTW the "break even" weekly hours for the weight loss job to compare to the 80K salary IM job would be 26 hours a week, much better worklife balance too). Give us these specifics =)
  7. SwimStudent

    College advice for a future NP?

    Kudos to you for thinking about all of your options in highschool! I'm a New Graduate NP. I would personally steer clear of any school that doesn't have a College of Nursing. Two good reasons for this: 1.) Nursing school is now very competitive. Some Nursing admissions have a point system where internal applicants get more points than external candidates. 2.) You won't have to worry about whether or not your pre-reqs will transfer over, if you stay at the same school. I really don't know much about Direct-Entry Schools other then most require you to take a break after you get your RN and work for a year or so. I would speak to the College of Nursing Adviser on that. Actually, whatever you decide I would make sure to speak to a College of Nursing Adviser. They will know what admissions are looking for. Good luck to you!
  8. SwimStudent

    Anyone get into an NP program with the minimum GPA?

    I got in with the Minimum GPA. Made mistakes when I was younger (we were all young and stupid once right lol) and ended up with slightly above a 3.0 when I applied (Like 3.01 haha). What was very clear to admissions though was that once I got my act together 45 credits into my first degree, my ADN, then the BSN, I did not make below a B (Mostly A's) in any class. Find a program that weighs the last 60 hours more heavily and take the word "C" out of your vocabulary. In all honesty if you really want this you need to be going for an A in every class henceforth. When you make a B it better be because you were fighting tooth and nail to make an A and had to settle. This will show admissions that you want this and how much of a priority school is to you now! I would say good luck, but instead I wish you the best efforts!
  9. SwimStudent

    Anyone NOT work during NP program?

    I'm working a modified schedule the first semester this fall (using a PTO day every week or so and working a few days each week). In the 2nd semester and beyond work will be very part time/prn/nonexistant. I'm hoping they'll make a part-time/prn opening for me as I've been on my floor for 4 years. I've prepared for it otherwise though.