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  1. kokomoGirl

    RN refresher

    hi, anyone can recommend a good RN refresher course ? looked online, the IC4N suggested 3... Ivy Tech, Franciscan St Francis Health, and Valparaiso University...Valpo is hard to get in since it will depend on the vacant slot on their regular nursing students... any feedback will be appreciated...
  2. kokomoGirl

    Questions about H1B visa?

    I am just wondering now how come the cap H1B visas did not reach quota? What could be the possible reasons for this unusual turnout? Anyone?
  3. Yes, redranger is correct, some hospitals accept new graduates who are ready to sit for nclex or are already an RN but with no experience. But the question now is, will the hospital sponsor the visa for a zero experience nurse?
  4. kokomoGirl

    EB3 vs. H1-B

    Hi, I wonder if the US government is really investigating the H1B visa right now. I have a friend whose H1B was approved just this December and is now bound to arrive here in the US next week. She is not a specialist on any field. And I doubt she has hospital experience. Her state of assignment is not even mentioned in the list of the H1C sponsoring hospitals. She is under this agency who can get RNs H1B visas in few months time as long as you have the capacity to pay them (at least $10,000). Any thoughts on this?
  5. Hi, anybody here who are under H4 visa and converted their status to student visa? Or is that even possible? Any input or experience will be very much appreciated. Thank you.