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sweet0176 has 1 years experience and specializes in NICU.

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  1. sweet0176

    arterial stab policy on your units?

    hi! Just wondering what you all do out there! The nurses on my unit do art stabs ALL the time. It's done for routine bloodwork because its generally quicker than cap or venous bloodwork. The previous unit i worked on, we RARELY did art stabs, they were almost frowned upon. I was under the impression that repeated art stabs (esp the radial arteries) can cause a ton of pain and possible long term damage to the . Personally, I try and do cap bloodwork unless i have a significant amount of bloodwork ordered and then at that point I would go venous. Anyways let me know what you all are doing!
  2. sweet0176

    Cross Country??

    Thanks for the responses! I definitely appreciate it. I do want to go with them because they are one of the bigger companies without being the AMN (which i will definitely not do). And most of the reviews i have seen are positive (for the most part!).
  3. sweet0176

    Cross Country??

    Hi, I'm really considering travel nursing within the next few months. I know the economy is slow and with my experience, it may not even possible to get a job (I have 20months NICU exp but I'm open to going wherever). I am talking with a few companies and I think I like Cross Country, but I really do not like the recruiter I am working with/talking to. Does anyone have a recruiter with this company that they would recommend via PM? I do think that this is the right company for me, being Canadian and all but I really want a better recruiter. THANKS!!!!
  4. sweet0176

    Back to Sleep Campaign- When to start

    Once they hit 34 weeks and they are in a cot or crib, we start transitioning them to back to sleep. Once they hit 35 weeks, they have to be on their backs with bed flat and all the other good stuff. That being said, these are only for the stable kids that are transitioning to going home.
  5. sweet0176

    Transferring Nursing Schools (please help)

    I was thinking about transferring nursing schools when I was in University a few years ago. There is a ton of paperwork that needs to be done. You would definitely be way too late to transfer this year because the paperwork takes a long time. Your best bet is to contact the schools HR department telling that that you want to transfer and the rest of your story, and they will let you know who you need to contact regarding this. Although BScN is required now in most (if not all?) provinces, each school has different course req's and it differs from one school to the next. I know when I was going to switch in Ontario, most of my courses were recognized, but a few weren't. I had already finished two years of school, but instead of being done in two years, it would take 3 years. I decided it wasn't worth it to switch schools If you really think it's going to be worth your time, do it. But just realize that it might take you longer to graduate if you switch schools. Good luck.
  6. sweet0176

    I'm Canadian and want to travel!

    Hi everyone, I'm a Canadian nurse with about 1.5 years experience. Can anyone recommend any companies that work with Canadians who want to work in the US? I'm looking for a travel or a longer term assignment (ie 1 year, if I can get training/orientation to the unit). Thanks:)
  7. sweet0176

    neonatal conferences/workshops

    Hi! I'm in Canada but I was just wondering if anyone knows of any upcoming workshops or neo conferences in Canada or the US. I'm definitely interested, but I haven't really found much online. Thanks for your help:)
  8. sweet0176

    Tell us what you want from your friendly NNP

    Congrats!! All i can say is that I no longer work with NNP's in my facility (changed jobs) and i'm SO SAD that we no longer have NNP's!!!! You guys were the best because you could understand from the RN's point of view, yet still have the medical point of view to make decisions and write orders (woo!!). I have to agree with what the writer stated above: I was always so excited when I had a NNP assigned to my baby's care for the day because I knew that the baby would receive what he/she needed. Residents were generally good as well, but those NNP's were just fabulous! The only advice that I can give is just Listen to what we are telling you...we are there at the bedside for most of the shift watching them closely, so our concerns should be taken seriously. Just remember don't lose your 'bedside RN" thinking as well (not sure if you catch what i'm saying!) Anyways, i'm sure you'll be great!
  9. sweet0176

    CRNBC registration from Ontario

    Hi , I was just wondering if anyone has been through the process (recently) of applying to the CRNBC from Ontario. I just need to know how long it will take, if all the information is sent at one time. I need to start working as soon as possible, and if it's going to take months, I will probably have to get a non nursing job in BC. (my Ontario license is current) THANK YOU!!!
  10. sweet0176

    just wanted to say THANKS!

    Sorry, Didn't see this until now. The best thing you can do is to review everything. It is impossible to tell what kinds of questions you will get on the exam. Just make sure you know the basics about everything. Know your infection control!
  11. sweet0176

    level 3 nicu in Canada?

    Hey! Does anyone know if any Level 3 NICU's are hiring in Canada? THANKS!!!
  12. sweet0176

    just wanted to say THANKS!

    I just wanted to say thank you for everyone who helped me out! i'm a canadian RN and just finished with the Nclex exam. Using this site and forum really helped me! I did the quick results today and I passed on my first try! For any other Canadians or anyone really, it's really not that bad at all. I expected the worst going into the exam and it was actually easier than I thought it would be! I had a ton of infection control, SATA, and meds. Studying wise i used the Saunders book, and the Kaplan nclex strategies, so i think i spent around $70 to prepare. Anyways, this site is great and thanks to all of you for your help!
  13. sweet0176

    NCLEX for a Canadian Student

    Hey, I am a canadian RN..I just finished taking the nclex exam (and i passed!!!), and just finished going through this process. Anyways, what i would recommend, is finish your degree first. Once your finished and your final grades/transcripts are available, I would start the application process. I personally went through the Minnesota state board of nursing...they have a separate application for Canadian nurses and you do not need a social security number. At that point, you must submit the paperwork, and once they have everything and you meet all the requirements, you will receive an Authorization to Test...the ATT is good for 3 months and you must schedule your nclex appointment in this timeframe. Let me know if you have any questions
  14. sweet0176

    Best study guide (my notes)

    :"thanks so much, quick question, i'm hearing Varicella being airborne, is that same as being droplet? " Varicella zoster is both airborne (n95 mask) and contact
  15. sweet0176

    Canadian RN nclex tips!

    Hey! I'm a Canadian RN taking the nclex exam at the end of the month. Does anyone have any tips for Canadians who are already RN's working in Canada? Obviuosly there are some differences in what we do, and some of the meds are different. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  16. sweet0176

    Canadian wanting to write the NCLEX

    Just to clarify, if i do go to the states in a few years, i honestly have no idea where i will go. I just want to do the easiest possible state at this moment in time. Thanks!