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journeygirl has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in OB/GYN.

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  1. Bethel University Nurse-Midwifery 2022

    @letsgaufffeel free to send me an email to chat further!
  2. Bethel University Nurse-Midwifery 2022

    @letsgauff Happy to share! Email me (see above post) if you have specific questions. I chose parttime due to the need to work and be present as a mom during these years. Life isn't a race, though I used to think so! I've worked 15-30 hours a wee...
  3. Bethel University Nurse-Midwifery 2022

    @taytheldnurse feel free to email me
  4. Bethel University Nurse-Midwifery 2022

    Congrats to all of you for applying and to those of you who were accepted! I also started the Bethel part-time track a year ago. I'm very happy overall with the program! I'm a single mom and work PRN inpatient + adjunct nursing faculty. I'd love to c...
  5. Am I competitive applicant?

    I got a phone call yesterday! Hoping for the best for you!
  6. Am I competitive applicant?

    I realized I can’t send PMs! Sorry! Feel free to email me... jaesjottings at hot***l dot com
  7. Am I competitive applicant?

    Elinda21-- Same as you! Sounds like they are expanding the program to 25-30 this year, if I remember correctly. I'd love to connect--sending you a PM.
  8. Am I competitive applicant?

    I was told I met qualifications and will get an interview slot. I'm applying to FNU also but plan to go with Bethel if accepted. Anyone else applying to multiple schools?
  9. Am I competitive applicant?

    Hey! I'd love to join the conversation - I'm applying to Frontier only for Fall 2021 start. I'm polishing up my resume and essays right now. A local midwife just told me she's teaching for the Bethel program - maybe I should look into tha...
  10. Dirty Skylights and Scraped Chins

    Sure, feel free:-) Glad you enjoyed it.
  11. Dirty Skylights and Scraped Chins

    Similarly, though we interact with our fellow man each day, we often pass by each other with thoughts in our minds stereotyping each other; we see only the "bugs" and "rain" without listening and allowing others to share the beauty in their hearts an...

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