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  1. laurienurse09

    MCB2010 at SPC

    The Professor will probably let you use that book as basically all of the material is the same-just on different pages. I have the seventh edition, so your book is newer than mine. good luck!
  2. laurienurse09

    Someone should warn people!!!

    Hi there, I know exactly how you are feeling! When i first graduated, nobody would hire me, especially the hospitals!!! I ended up working in a nursing home, and have been there ever since! I am almost finished with my RN and get this, they (meaning future employers) consider me a new RN and won't even consider my LPN years! Now does that WOMP or what? The ONLY thing that i cannot do as an LPN is push iv medications, otherwise, i am doing the same crap that the RN's do and i won't get credit for my experience!????? What is up with that! Good-luck, you will find nursing homes, or doctors offices will be the only places to look as an LPN-it sucks but that is the nature of the beast.
  3. laurienurse09

    Florida Laws

    Hi there, At the facility in which i work, we often have nurses who come to work after having worked a twelve hour, all night shift at another facility. This is followed by an eight to ten hour day at my place of employment. This means that the nurse has now worked over twenty hours!@!!!! Is this legal? And if not, what can i do? I do not want to be a whistle blower and lose my job, however, i worry for the safety of my patients! Please help and oh, by the way, the DON is aware that they are doing this, so, don't answer with tell the boss! Thanks
  4. laurienurse09

    Anyone from Galen College of Nursing in Tampa Area

    Hi there, I have had the honor of working side by side with two recent Galen graduates, and to say the least, was totally blown away with their knowledge and skill. These two woman, know their stuff, and they are strong! If i didn't know any better, i would have NEVER known that they were new RN graduates! So to those of you who are beginning your journey with Galen, good-luck and work hard as you will be rewarded when you pass your NCLEX exam the first time! I give Galen a five star rating!