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lpag789 has 1 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in OB/Perinatal.

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  1. Hi help sos

  2. Hi help sos

    As soon as you get the email from them saying you've completed your exam, you should be able to do the Pearson Vue trick.
  3. School put on probation 😭 HELP

    Have you looked into Valencia? Not sure how competitive they are or not, but they have a lot of campuses all with different cohorts.
  4. John Hopkins Nurse Residency 2022

    I'm starting in January in another unit! I've moved from other big cities and honestly, I think the JHH pay is super low for the area (at least if you don't have a car and need to be somewhat close to the hospital for buses, etc). I was offered almos...
  5. New Nurse I Don't Know Anything

    I'm sorry about your less than optimal school experience. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself about clinical skills, most places hiring new nurses know that situation with Covid. Not to mention, they always say you actually learn how to be a nurse on ...
  6. New Grad Programs - Do they not tell you what shift you work?

    I was fortunate that during my interview, I was asked which shift I wanted. When I received my offer later, it told me exactly which shifts I'd be working when (days while on orientation then the requested permanent night shift once off). I would fee...
  7. NYU Spring 2021 New Graduate Residency

    Another quick question: I sent in my application for the residency, I took the quiz at the end, have the email saying I applied and would be looked over, but when I go to my profile, it doesn't show up as a position I've applied for. Has anyone else ...
  8. NYU Spring 2021 New Graduate Residency

    Could someone message me with the number/email of the recruiter you spoke to? I have a few specific questions and want to make sure I'm reaching out to the correct person. Thank you!
  9. I assume they meant that not all nursing roles are bedside ones.
  10. A&P usage in other Nursing courses

    In my program, they will do a quick Anatomy review as needed for what we're learning....but they expect you to mostly still know everything. They're not going to walk you back through A&P...that's why you're supposed to have already taken them. S...
  11. UT Tyler Spring 2010

  12. What is the difference between a sitter and a cna???

    At the hospital I work at, sitters are primarily used for possibly suicidal patients as well as patients going through detox. Also, when hired in as a sitter, you still have to go through 2 weeks (80 hours) of Nursing Assistant training so that you c...
  13. HELP!! need to get into nursing school

    They don't have a straight BSN program at the moment. They have an ASN that takes about two years after pre-reqs. They then have either an RN-BSN (takes about a year, completely online - AND you don't have to still live in San Angelo to be enrolled) ...
  14. HELP!! need to get into nursing school

    Angelo State University is worth looking into. The nursing program is actually really amazing and there isn't a formal waiting list.
  15. Are you where you thought you'd be?

    I lived on Oahu for a while growing up, and I've always had a desire to work at Tripler. So my question is why you're saying to avoid it? I'm really curious! Maybe I'll have to change my ambitions, lol.