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  1. Drugs on NCLEX?

    Hi all! Does anyone know of a list of the most commonly tested drugs on NCLEX? Thanks!
  2. Opinions wanted

    Hi all, I wanted to get some input on a little question I have. I work as a nurse extern at my hospital and I am on the Neuro ICU and step down unit as well as the acute stroke unit. I am usually in the step down and I have seen some of my fellow e...
  3. Resources?

    Hi everyone, I was thinking about getting into Rural Nursing and I was wondering if anyone could give me any thoughts, advice, or resources that I could use to find out more? Thank you!
  4. Nursing Studen seeking advice

    Hi, I am a junior 20 y/o nursing student at Thomas Jefferson University. I am going for my BSN and hope to move on to my Masters. I am interested in critical care and I would like to be a flight nurse eventually. Everyone I talk to says that it is ...