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  1. emt2rn82

    Pediatric Stethascope

    It's the same scope, I second the Allheart.com vote
  2. emt2rn82

    Need a really specific watch...

    The only watch I wear is a fossil, have many different ones but they have wide bands, a second hand, and keep time.
  3. emt2rn82

    What iPhone and iPad apps do you recommend for a nurse?

    I like medscape, micromedex, skyscape has a free drug guide, as well as others , , allnurses, nursenet, and a couple journals for cardiac and geriatrics,
  4. emt2rn82

    Feeling worn out all the time

    That happened to me as well with the 12 hour shifts. Granted you get 4 days off a week, i found myself sleeping most of it away, and not having energy to do anything else. I changed to 8 hour shift with everyother weekend rotation and found it be much better, got into a "normal" sleep pattern and have energy again. Just my opinion.
  5. emt2rn82

    BCLS training

    Shouldn't be anything new, BCLS= BLS CPR. You should be fine.
  6. emt2rn82

    Continuing Nursing Education (CEU)

    if you are licensed in PA, go here http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_159698_742027_0_0_18/FAQ%20RNce.pdf this has all the information and what is approved. Hope this helps
  7. emt2rn82

    heart/lung sounds

    I really like the nursing know how evaluating heart and lung sounds. Has a comprehensive book which tells you the physiology of what you are hearing along with an audio CD. I learned a great deal from it.
  8. emt2rn82

    Miralax & thickened liquids

    I have found if I dissolve the miralax first like 5 minutes before I add the thickening agent the thickener after the miralax is totally dissolved. It is thick and not too chunky atleast tolerable. hope this helps
  9. emt2rn82

    Happy nurses week all

    St. Lukes School of nursing, Bethlehem,PA: White box cap, Oblong Pin with a winged ox in the center, nativity scene underneath, good samaritan helping injuried above.
  10. emt2rn82

    DRG PureTone - Is it supposed to be so quiet?

    The soft diaphrams are use alone, they fit over the chest piece. I have had better experience with the hard diaphrams. I hear like an echo effect with the soft ones. The hard diaphram is louder than the soft ones. Also try adjusting the ear pieces a little bit or try different eartips, something isn't fitting right. Hope this helps.
  11. emt2rn82

    How much is too much?

    6-8 patients isn't bad for night shift on med-surg, the hospital where i came from staffs one nurse 8-10 patients on nights. the charting is very redundant. Hang in there. You'll be able to streamline better and able to spend more time with the patients the longer your around. The charting will get quicker. Good luck
  12. emt2rn82

    Taking BP's - Use Diaphragm or Bell?

    I always use the bell for blood pressures, for me any ways I can hear a faint blood pressure almost all of the time. the bell never failed me yet
  13. emt2rn82


    American heart Association allows you to take the theory portion of the class on the internet but your skills must be verified by an Instructor, I know in my area the only CPR that most healthcare facilities acknowledge are from AHA healthcare provider or ARC professional rescuer.
  14. emt2rn82

    12 lead EKG interpretation

    I like ecglibrary.com,
  15. emt2rn82

    Blood pressures

    In my institution if we have stable blood pressures we do them weekly. If a resident isn't on any blood pressure medicine we do them monthly. If the blood pressures aren't stable then we keep the hold parameters with each dose. hope this helps