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  1. Are Accelerated programs worth the money!

    Ya, my thoughts exactly...the downed economy and hiring freeze is the main thing holding me back from jumping into a accelerated program. I guess I can handle caring large people up and down stairs(working as a paramedic) for at least another year. B...
  2. Are Accelerated programs worth the money!

    lots to digest in that post...thanks for the incite
  3. Are Accelerated programs worth the money!

    that's encouraging are right, it cant hurt to apply, and see what type of tuition relief is out there... sounds like student life is almost over for u congrats!
  4. Are Accelerated programs worth the money! sounds like you have the same mind set as me...that is a substantial amount of cash no matter how you look at it...considering the economy as well and hiring freezes, I think I am leaning towards the ASN programs...i can always take online c...
  5. Are Accelerated programs worth the money!

    thanks, very helpful post...i will have to look into ca BSN program requirement more closely than, thanks.
  6. I have been thinking of pursuing a nursing career for a long time, and am now at the crossroads for picking a program. I have been an EMT for 6 years and a paramedic for 1 and my ultimate goal is to be a flight nurse. I have finished all of my perqui...
  7. Respiratory therapist Vs Nurses

    jstbreathe that post was classic...well done. I am a burnt out paramedic thinking of a career change into nursing...the more i look into it the more I think I might head down the RT funny people really do hate you because you love your job.
  8. Where did you work or type of jobs were you

    I was an EMT for 3 years, a paramedic for 1 year, and a seasonal firefighter for 5 years. Paramedicine is what triggered my interest in nursing, with the hope to be a flight nurse in the future....good luck with your goals as well
  9. BP taking

    BP cuff distal to knee and listen are palpate pedal pulse