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  1. stormyfeathers

    Spring 2010 Hopefuls!

    HI ALL! Im 42, working on 8 preqs, have a BS degree in Public Policy from 20 years ago, part-time SAHM (whose career is coming to an end with kids going off to college:cry: I have a 3.5 GPA in previous degree and 4.0 in current preqs...no worries EXCEPT for STATs and CHEM (a little nervous about those)..but I know tutors can raise your grades one or two letters if you work with them! I also have MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST Anxiety (which seems to be the only kind they use in NS) I got A's on every ESSAY exam in college, but not so on MULTCHOICE Tests..But Im going to the Learn Cntr and hopefully they can help with that! MY PLAN is to 1)get into Community Colleges ACCELERATED RN (13month) program(I have a good shot because of GPA and PT. system they use), 2) then do two years in PEACE CORP (which is a present to myself & a tool for helping with EMPTY NEST..heehee). 3) Then Apply to Johns Hopkins---RN-MSN in Nurse Midwife. I am going to apply to Johns Hopkins and HCC and see what happens, but I don't hold out much hope for getting into JH on the first try. I graduated from U of MD and am also considering UMAB which has a very cool SON (also very hard to get into) but I like the Johns hopkins program a little better. I am open to the fact that I may like another specialty better once I get started, but I am very interested in community health, have done a few medical missionary trips around the world and love the whole global nursing/disaster nursing/nursing education aspects too! Who knows, so many choices, and DARNIT only ONE LIFE! So Glad to be able to talk to all the other people who at the same point in the journey....GOOD LUCK ALL, you have been very comforting and inspiring to me!
  2. stormyfeathers

    What field of Nursing as a RN is the "BEST BANG" for the Tuition Buck!?

    People who don't do careers for money, benefits and security, HAVE NEVER BEEN below the Poverty Line....Being able to eat more than white bread and mayo sandwiches...much less live in a safe neighborhood is QUITE ENOUGH motivation to give your all to a good paying job, whatever that means. Why do men seem to be able to unapologetically seek financial security and women act like its some kind of crime to do a job for the best amount of money...we apologize for doing anything for money, must we always have to have alturistic motives for what we do?
  3. stormyfeathers

    Descrimination: A full hot meal or soup and a sandwich

    There is NO institutional food out there that is GOOD for you to eat to begin with....You are safer eating your own food....You keep eating their food and you'll end up a patient!
  4. stormyfeathers

    Scared so very scared

    OH DARLINGS.......ITS OK......TAKE A DEEP BREATH IN AND OUT....THEN GO HAVE A MARGARITA or CHAI LATTE! I totally understand....But you are going to be fine...I know there are alot of horror stories out there from all kinds of people who are struggling and stressed, but your journey is an individual one (of course your husbands/wives, and children are included in that). I am finishing up PREQ right now, and every other day I want to cancel my classes and eat my way through the kitchen. The thing I am worried about is not the BODY FLUIDS or the horrors...its that so many, many nurses are very, very stressed out! their stories scare me...I know I can be a nurse and I know I can make good grades in college, but I get worried that I won't enjoy the overwhelming stress associated with work life. Now that being said, my goal is not to work in a hospital, I want to go the community health way, like nurse-midwife or FNP...I am scheduled to do 2 years of Peace Corp after I get the BSN as a present to myself (and to help with empty nest) when my son and daughter go off to college. I am 42 years old, I nursed a severely ill Mother for 3 years, I have almost lost my daughter twice from pacemaker failures, I held down a household while my husband went to advise soldiers in IRAQ for months, and I put all my dreams and aspirations on hold to take care of my family for the last 20 years (which I loved). So compared to all that lets keep in mind that Nothing horrible is going to happen to you if you struggle in school. and Nothing horrible will happen to you if you get out and you don't like nursing...your life is a long, long journey some of which you concentrate on today, this week and this month, and some of which you dream about for your future. I am taking my prerqs right now for an accelerated BSN/MSN program. I have a BS degree from eons ago, in Public Policy. I have MATH anxiety, and MULTIPLE-CHOICE TEST anxiety (major anxiety). BUT.....I loved, truly loved college the first go around it is so fun to learn stuff. I always avoided math and science so I am nervous about STATS and CHEM. I know the nursing program is notoriously hard and stressful, and I don't have money to burn either. But I do know that once you have the RN behind your name you can do about a gajillion different things with it. It could lead to things you can't possibly imagine. The best bit of advice that I have gotten so far is to do several things. 1) MAKE your LONG-TERM, MID-TERM, and SHORT TERM PLANS (map everything out, all the possibilities, the requirements and options you have or want). MAke a big map, one to hang on your wall with magazine cut-outs and stuff and colors and anything that contributes to your good feelings about where you want your life to go...and put it somewhere that you see it everyday, mine is hanging right by the toilet, I add to it, and take away, but I love it it because I have pictures of my family and of things I want to do, and things I want to buy etc....ITS an INSPIRATION BOARD! 2) IMPLEMENT your SHORT TERM PLAN----that means just deal with the spring semester for now, get a tutor for your classes on the first day, they help so much, or join a study group, AND find a mentor at your school (they are so great to have in your pocket, someone older). 3) MAKE A LIST OF 7 REASONS WHY YOU ARE DOING THIS---this helps when i am overwhelmed, to read why I am doing this...stick it your mirrors, frig, dashboard in your day planner, on your notebooks etc.) 4) DREAM BIG-KEEP YOUR OPTIONS OPEN----you may get through NS and then end up teaching or like me have to stay home and take care of someone for a while.....who knows...there are people on this forum who have had 3 or 4 MAJOR careers and are starting NS in their 50's and 60's....Who wouldve figured? WOOOOO WHOOO! I think its wonderful to come to a site like this and get advice from people who are on similar journeys..Ive learned so much about the details of NS and nursing life. Because my friends poor things, don't have a clue what I am talking about most of the time...so it helps to talk here. ITS ALL GOOD, and it scares the S**T out of us most of the time, but there really isn't any other choice, life is a roller coaster, its just our job to have the safety bar latched....the rest of the time we can scream our lungs out!
  5. stormyfeathers

    Should I take Chem, API, and Micro in same semester?

    I have been so encouraged by all the crazy older students...I don't feel like Im at a disadvantage, I think maturity weighs in my favor (of course having no desire to party anymore helps too!). I doubt you are putting your 4.0 at risk, you will do amazing, those two classes cross-over each other so you should be good to go. Thanx for your thoughts, it really is so helpful to have other crazy people walking your path that are willing to listen and help sort out the details.
  6. stormyfeathers

    Should I take Chem, API, and Micro in same semester?

  7. stormyfeathers

    Should I take Chem, API, and Micro in same semester?

    I just love this site...it has helped me so much, thanx to everyone for the advice...its so cool to have people a click away that understand what you are going through...since none of my friends have any clue what I am talking about. Most think I am out of my mind to be going back to school..HA! I am waffeling back and forth every other minute it seems....I really wish classes would start so that I would just stop obsessing over the whole thing. I have no idea how I will do in these types of classes to begin with, since I spent my first college career in psych and public policy classes. I am a bit nervous over the math, just because I hated it as a young girl, and never put much effort into it. Even though I am looking forward to the sciences I have no real idea how I will do in those either. I am very strong in writing and analyzing, but I have no idea how I'll do with the MASSIVE AMOUNTS of ROTE memorization (the hip bone's connected to the thigh bone....Heehee). To answer a few peoples questions...I got cleared on all the Prereqs for MICRO, AP, CHEM etc because I already have a BS degree and since 'old farts' like me tend to do really well in school they figure we have the right to try without having to go back to the begining. I don't have to work, and my family is really cool, so no problems there. BUT the competition to get into these programs is insane so I wanted to get these done to get priority consideration. However my husband thinks I should just take it easy and enjoy the process, and I agree that if you cram too much stuff in at one time, just to get through you CAN miss a great opportunity to learn. I HAVE MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTION anxiety....I made A's on every single essay exam I had in college, but MULTIPLE-CHOICE always freaked me out, because I over analyze s**t all the time, and I think they are trying to trick me...so I will be visiting the help center to deal with that anxiety. I didn't know you could CLEP SOCI 101...that sounds like a possibility...I'll have to check that? Although the class is offered as computer/video/self paced class, that would probably be easy too! However, someone did make an interesting comment...."going through NS is LIKE taking MICRO, CHEM and AP together EVERY semester anyway"...sounds like we are in for alot of FUN!
  8. I am just starting my prereq's...and was wondering if I am totally insane to try to take Chem, Micro and API in the same semester..why would I consider something this crazy?..because If I complete all of my pre classes before Sept.09 I would be entered into a PRIORITY admission to my community colleges "ACCLERATED 13 month RN program." The only way I can make that deadline is to take CHEM, MICRO and API together in Spring and then take APII, STATS and SOCI I in SUMMER I am 42 years old, my kids are at the end of HS and are very independant and supportive. I am not working and don't have to work for two years, my husband is great...so, I don't have pressures that most people have....HOWEVER, I have not been in school for 20 years. I do have a BS in Public Policy and my GPA was always around a 3.5....BUT I never took MATH classes beyond a C in Algebra, and I only took BIOL 101....I do love human body stuff and nutrition and am excited about A&P and MICRO...but I am dreading CHEM and STATs because it is not my strong suit...math is scary for me. SO, should I just relax take the classes and go for good solid A's in my classes or try to cram these classes in as short a period as possible to get the GPA EDGE for getting a seat in this competitive program? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated