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  1. 2bLeonurse1989

    Columbus georgia

    Hey, I am currently in the nursing program @ columbus state. its a nice area. st francis and the medical center are the two main hospitals in columbus. they both have a program for new grads and usually visit our school to tell us more about it. I am originally from a big city so columbus is a little country to me. However it is considered one of the biggest city in ga But I think it is good for children be sure to live in north columbus area.
  2. 2bLeonurse1989

    Employability of new grad nurses in Georgia

    During Summer 2010, I had the opportunity to complete the nurse extern program summer after junior nursing year @ Gwinnett Medical. They have a nurse residency program too and I was told priority would go to externs that were in the program. I graduate in MAY 2011 and will apply to the residency program hopefully I will get it.
  3. 2bLeonurse1989

    CSU Columbus State University

    My Clinicals were done at st francis and medical center and the experience you have will depend on which instructor you had. Clinicals jr year were basically med-surg and geriatrics at the nursing home.I enjoyed clinicals learn alot and can relate it back to textbook stuff. I am sure I will meet you i am a senior class officer and will be communicating with the jr class alot.
  4. 2bLeonurse1989

    CSU Columbus State University

    Good, congrats. Well it is hard but instructors want to help you and you must stay focused it can be done though and yes the required books is a must some people do not get books because they do not read them but reading books were helpful to me. also i would get the hesi book which is not required
  5. 2bLeonurse1989

    CSU Columbus State University

    Hey I am in CSU nursing program now, just finished out junior year. acceptance letters should be coming soon good luck
  6. 2bLeonurse1989

    South Nassau Student Intern vs Huntington Nurse Associate

    Hi, I have applied to South Nassau as a student extern for summer 2010. Have you heard anything back from them yet because I am eagerly waiting. staff is pleasant not sure of the pay.