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  1. Cupid14

    How would YOU like to see a nurse portrayed in the media?

    I wonder if doctors ever worry about their portrayal in the media, since I can imagine people go to hospitals and then get angry when they aren't seeing their doctor more than once a day for 5 minutes. Or do they enjoy being shown as doing so many more "nursing duties" and being commended for that? Hmmm.
  2. Cupid14

    Which year of nursing school is most difficult??

    I am in my 2nd year right now, and unfortunately, it seems to me that it is always the year you are going into..
  3. Cupid14

    Any advice for us "baby" Nursing students?

    BALANCE. Yes. Nursing school is tough and you need to study A LOT to pull off amazing marks. But if all you do is study and "say goodbye to the outside world" you are going to hate your life. You are going to resent nursing school instead enjoying it and learning the stuff you need to know. And as for the memorization of info.. I find for me at least, I will memorize things just for the tests. I know it's dumb and won't help me too much in the future.. but I am a person who will look it up later if I need it. No matter if I feel like I know it, if I am thinking of a drug that I haven't given to anyone (especially since I haven't done any med passes yet hah) I am going to look it up. Then, as I use certain knowledge more, I will know it straight-away, without looking it up. Good Luck! and make friends if possible. You aren't in competition with them (at least not at my school, no curve!) and everyone is super helpful, they are little nurses after all! Making friends opens you up to study groups, missed class notes, outside of school activities.. it's nothing but helpful :)
  4. Cupid14

    Nursing Students Needed for Anonymous Survey!

    Nursing student: Done! :)
  5. Cupid14

    US nurse working over seas

    Since no one has said anything about you possibly wanting to work in Dubai.. One of my teachers spent a year in Dubai, and she went through Helen Ziegler & Associates. Their website is Healthcare and Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East - Helen Ziegler Take a look around, if you are single (not married) it seems to be a whole lot easier to get a placement there. Good Luck!
  6. Cupid14

    University of Alberta BScN Program

    Well, I may present a biased opinion.. but I am a first year student and Grant MacEwan. I was just like you, coming straight out of high school. I have only heard good things about Grant MacEwan. I know people who did the transfer program before MacEwan could offer the degree, and they urged me to go to Grant and skip the U of A at ALL costs. I know someone who took her first year at the U of A and hated it, switched to Grant and is now in her 3rd year, and loving it. .. now this is just a rumor I heard.. but I've heard that the U of A nursing students sometime get to come to Grant Mac to use our new, multimillion dollar simulation labs! When I was in gr 12 trying to decide where I wanted to go.. I could only envision myself at the U. It has such a great history and an amazing community, so going there, I think, would be an awesome experience. However, if you're looking for a better program, from what I've heard, and my first semester experience, I would suggest Grant Mac.
  7. Cupid14

    Nursing jobs you can have as a student?

    Ooh, this was my question as well! I made a thread but obviously put it in the wrong place.. From what I've heard (so by no means is this for sure right..) After first year --> Nursing Assistant.. most likely job in a continuing care center After second year --> Nursing Assistant ... more jobs in hospitals open up After third year --> ENS- Employed Nursing Student After fourth year --> Graduate Nurse ... and then you pass the RN test!! :) Hope this helps, and if anyone else knows more than i have or has actually done this, I would love to see the answer as I'm a first year and already searching for a summer job
  8. Cupid14

    Working as a NA while a RN student?

    Not sure if this should be in the Canadian forum, or the student forum or this one! So please bear with me :) I was just wondering whether it is possible in Canada for first year nursing students to get a job as a Nursing Assistant. I'm looking for a job for the coming summer so I can pay for my second year of BScN. Would I be able to get a job in a hospital? or would I be only really considered in continuing care centers? Since I haven't started clinicals yet this year, all I know is hearsay. From what I've heard we learn pericare, bathing, basic vitals etc. Is that adequate for a NA job?
  9. Cupid14

    Grant macewan

    Unfortunately, as far as I know you don't receive any credits for it unless you took your LPN degree recently and some of the classes transfer. I am currently in my first semester at Grant MacEwan, and there are a few experienced LPNs in my classes who had to start from scratch to get the BScN. One in particular had 10 years of experience across Canada, and she is still in my first year, first semester courses. But really, what do I know, I was not an LPN. Definitely your best bet is to give MacEwan a call and see what they say about it. Good luck, and if you do go to Grant.. I'm sure you'll love it! The Robbins Health Building is so new and just amazing.