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  1. Meds in Tube Feed bags

    If our kids are being fed via a button we stop feed, disconnect at the button, use a slip tip to give med, then reconnect to the feeds. If it is an NG, stop feed, flush w 5ml, then med, flush w 5ml,restart feed.
  2. Too slow for med-surg: other work options?

    It may be the facility, not you! I am in a pediatric teaching hospital, med-surg, and my ratios are 4:1! I have more time at this job to get it all done plus teach and hold babies and and really does depend on the environment. I love my job...
  3. Trouble giving IM injections :(

    Is it fear related? Are you hesitating or just darting it in? Had one student that I took over/redrew/gave then took her in the med room & did a little teaching. She was hesitant, which hurts & is more likely to cause pain/bleeding than jus...
  4. New Contraceptive Pill approved to stop periods

    Didn't see anything about how long until it is available, just that it has been approved. Would love to try it.
  5. Just my hospital??

    We have two orders entered on the MAR. Ex. 1 Percocet q4, and another 2 q4 -
  6. Nurse Re-entry

    I took a refresher a year ago. It was home based study with notebooks/videos, & multiple choice tests, followed by competency exam at the hospital. I then had to complete 80 hours of clinical. The hardest thing for me was all of the changes in te...
  7. Don't know?? Skills update...

    How long have you been out? Were you not nursing at all or just not med-surg?
  8. Patient Flow / Medication Reconcilliation

    My hosp does med rec 3 times. Once on admission, again if there is any transfer (to/from surgery or to/from another floor) and then the 3rd at discharge. We must include as part of discharge teaching.
  9. Walking into a minefield...

    Thank you so muchmeownsmile! What valuable information! I completed the 5 day classroom stuff on Friday. I am feeling better about it. It looks to me like the orientation is set up to be thorough. MUCH different than what was offered when I graduated...
  10. Walking into a minefield...

    Thank you both. That makes sense about the meds. The thing I wonder about is how do they have the time or energy to worry about what someone else is doing or run them off? If the unit is crazy busy with high ratios isn't everyone busy with patients? ...
  11. Walking into a minefield...

    I graduated 7! years ago, only worked a few weeks, long story. Recently completed simple RN refresher course. New med surg job to start next week after months of looking. No one wants an old new grad. Had to pull some strings to get this job. Was tol...
  12. RN refresher course??

    The course I just completed was about $300 (maybe $350?) It was hospital based. med-surg focused. The state board has links to approved refresher courses in your state.
  13. What's In Your Pocket?

    This is what a hip clip looks like. OOPS - the link doesn't work, enter hip clip in the search box to see it.
  14. RN refresher programs

    Also, you may not have a lot of job choices right away when you do find one. I went on lots of interviews where they said - "we really like you, but you have passed the critical 5 year mark" Be prepared for the possibility that it may take awhile to ...
  15. do physical therapists make more money than RNs?

    what about PTA's? Does anyone know what they make?