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  1. wannabnurse09

    Herzing College??

    What is a typical day like in the LPN program? What time do classes begin, what time do they end, and how many days a week do you attend? Sorry, but i'm just full of questions. Seriously considering applying, but I do live about an hour away. Thanks in advance!
  2. wannabnurse09

    Herzing College??

    matchsticktgt, if you don't mind me asking, what is the cost of the lpn program? I have not been able to get accepted into a cc nursing program, and am ready to get this thing going. I'm not getting any younger either!
  3. wannabnurse09

    a&p and micro at Faulkner

    Was it worth the extra money to take these courses at Faulkner? I've heard that the instructors are nice and it's a fairly easy A. Let me know your experience.
  4. wannabnurse09

    Taking A&PI in Childersburg at CACC

    I think he/she may be new to CACC. Sorry that I can't give you more info. I'm taking A&PI with Waites this fall.
  5. wannabnurse09

    Waiting to hear from CACC

    I'm not even applying until next year, and I'm getting anxious reading your posts. Good luck to you all!
  6. wannabnurse09

    Anyone starting prerequisites at CACC fall 2009?

    Thanks Mommy of 3! That is exactly what my plan is....getting my basics out of the way first. I even plan on taking Eng 101 again because I made a C in it 10 years ago when I first began college. That will help my GPA and give me extra points for admission. I am a little nervous about the biology classes, since I don't know what to expect.
  7. wannabnurse09

    Anyone starting prerequisites at CACC fall 2009?

    Hi Melanie! My name is Jessica. I'm hoping to get accepted into LPN or RN for the fall 2010 term. Good luck to you this summer.
  8. I was wondering if anyone on the board will be taking prerequisites this fall at CACC in Childersburg. I want to take BIO 201 and probably math, but not sure what else I will be taking. I don't know very many people at school, so I am trying to find anyone who may be in the same boat as me.
  9. wannabnurse09

    Question about Math prereq. at CACC

    Math 100, Math 116, or either? I have been told by other students at CACC that Math 100 is required, but the current catalog states Math 116 or higher. Anyone know?