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Wife, mom of 3, waitress, graduate in May 2009

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  1. Milk and Molasses Enemas

    Yes, we had one ordered by a doc a few months ago on our floor (med/surg). We printed out the recipe from the hospital intranet and hand mixed it on the floor. It called for milk and black strap molasses, which the supervisor bought at the store, ...
  2. When knowing too much can be a bad thing.

    I think that low TSH means HYPER not hypo thyroidism.
  3. Forgot to post about the books. Yes, most of them you buy the 1st semester, but then some are added as you go. They are very expensive, try getting them used. Half.com and amazon.com are good bets. You may be able to sell them again when you're d...
  4. I could write a book on what it was like to be in RACC's nursing program, there is so much I could say. I will try to condense it down to the most relevant. As for working on the weekends, I did this myself actually. I did it part time though. I w...
  5. CPSI Electronic charting system

    When we went "live" with CPSI, our hospital had a whole team of "superusers" to help transition the hospital into CPSI. They took over where CPSI left off. The reps from CPSI came to our hosp for a few weeks first to hold classes for all of the st...
  6. I went to RACC and graduated this past May. Overall, it was a very tough program. I would highly recommend getting all of your non-nursing classes done while you are on the waiting list, even if you have to take summer classes. Once you start the ...
  7. CPSI Electronic charting system

    Yeah, it's awful! Our hospital went from Meditech to CPSI, and it's like we took a huge leap backward. It makes even simple tasks cumbersome by making you click multiple screens to do just one thing. Also, each screen loads so slow that I want to ...
  8. Life Just Sucks Sometimes

    This is so incredibly true. That is why there are some people that can be happy in any situation, and some that cannot be happy no matter how good things are on the outside.
  9. I hate my life.....

    I wish I could give you a hug, cause I know how you feel!! I have also had a very long road to reaching my goal, and I'm not there yet. I know what it's like to have to keep plugging away at a job I hate, racking up debt, deal with the daily grind,...