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  1. Ambition

    Help, I need to write a essay to get into this LPN program

    Write about the reasons you are pursuing nursing, it should come from within, thus no need to research. YOU WILL BE FINE.
  2. Hi there, I would recommend Hospital, bc you can always find your way in a law setting but medical field is another scenario. Further I am also in the same educational predicament as u, but I chose to start with the LPN program and see how far I'd go with nursing in addition to my JD.It's fun.
  3. Ambition

    Evening LPN Training in Washington DC Metro Area

    Global Health Nurses Training Services 25 S. Quaker lane Alexandria VA 22314 www.ghnts.com They are commencing an evening LPN program in March Hope this helps. THEY ALSO OFFER FINANCIAL AID EXCELLENT PROGRAM "STARTED IN JANUARY"
  4. Ambition

    LPN's in Virginia?

    Thanks Autumn Leaves, are there any facilities you can recommend?
  5. Ambition

    LPN's in Virginia?

    thanks for the response. i plan to work in NOVA area. With regards to my third Q. I am referring to having a Bachelors or Masters Degree.
  6. Ambition

    LPN's in Virginia?

    Hi all,:typing I am a student. Will be happy for answers to these Q. Where would you recommend a new graduate to apply for a job ?:caduceus: What is the pay rates for a new graduate in Virginia. Do employers consider degrees beside in addition to the LPN license ? Thanks