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squirt2008 has 20 years experience and specializes in Peds general and ICU/Comm. Disease RN.

I am a mom of 2 and a long-time Nurse, what else is there!?!?

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  1. squirt2008

    Associates degree

    I know this has been asked several times...I can only go from my experience...hospitals here hire ADN, new grads. I feel you need your BSN to advance down the road if that is what you want to do, but I was able to land a job right away at one of our Childrens hospitals straight out of school as a new RN with my ADN. It is all about location as well. Jobs are plentiful here (Missouri) but I hear places out West have few openings. Good luck!
  2. squirt2008

    Nursing instructor in the wrong

    You are correct. use a filter needle when drawing from glass ampoule, then change needles before administering. I think they should add a 5th "right" when admin. meds....now we know about right patient, right dose, right med, right time, right route......we should have right technique.
  3. squirt2008

    I'll probably find out soon enough, but I'm curious...

    i agree with previous posts. being a bedside rn during end of life or other tough times is such a big responsibility. you are not only supporting the patient and being their advocate, but you are supporting the family, friends and loved ones of the patient. just the act of "being there" is so critical, listening more than talking, and of course being respectful of their views and wishes. somehow you will find the right words to say during those times. never be afraid to call a md if you feel the patient is in pain or discomfort. it is important to stay strong and not "fall apart" but i know from experience that patients and their families also appreciate it when you are "human" and show emotions when appropriate.
  4. squirt2008

    Associates degree

    Rojas3...........Good luck to you! you won't regret your career choice!
  5. squirt2008

    I LOVE Community Health

    Similar story here...I was in Pediatric ICU for nearly 15 years and then came to my Local Public Health Agency! I love it! We don't provide health services like many others do....we have WIC, immunization clinic, STD, education, environmental, and my department....communicable disease investigation. I work M-F 8-5. No weekends, no holidays. I love (most) all of the clients we serve, ha. Every day is something new and I feel like I am doing something GOOD>
  6. squirt2008

    Associates degree

    Okay, a little confused here.....I have been a Nurse for nearly 20 years.....a RN...and I have my associates degree. So just to clarify, when you graduate from an associate degree program you are a registered nurse. As mentioned, I have been a RN for a while...in hindsight I wish I would have gotten my BSN at that time.....you will need it to advance in many cases. AND it is much tougher to go to school once you get married, have kids....etc....
  7. Just speaking from my experience here in Missouri...the hospital I used to work for WOULD hire new grads. I just did a quick job search for RN positions available within 50 miles of me......there were over 1000 jobs! That was just one search! I am seeing that it is "LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION"! I feel for my fellow Nurses out West...seems that jobs are few and far between! Best of luck to all of you looking for a job!
  8. I recently participated in a webinar on Workforce Nursing Shortage and some of the #'s were staggering. For example: A very large # of RNs will be retiring due to baby boomers. 900,000 of the 2.5M RN's are >50 yrs old. 64% of the RN's are hospital based. They estimate a shortage of >800,000 RNs by 2020. WOW! I am in public health and I know that is a field that is often forgotten about. I worked in hospital setting for over 15 years, I can tell you....I love being a public health RN. The demand for public health RNs will continue to rise.....so consider it as another possible area of specialty.
  9. squirt2008

    Faint of heart

    I completely agree with previous posts.......you cannot toss out hopes of becoming a Nurse based on one experience at home. Totally different when you are at work, dealing with patients vs. dealing with stuff at home. I have been a RN for over 19 years.....yet.....I feel like a dummy when my kids get sick, injured, etc.......
  10. squirt2008

    Use of C/O in Documentation

    I searched for this documentation issue and did not find anything supporting the idea of not charting "c/o". If you go to joint commission's website and then into the nursing section, you will find the most current "do not use" list for documentation. I think the most important thing to remember when charting "c/o" entries is to chart what you did or what was done to address the complaints.
  11. squirt2008

    H1N1 patient dilemma

    EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION.....I have found that fear of something is directly related to lack of knowledge. It sounds like the staff need some BASIC facts on H1N1, there are lots of myths out there we need to work hard to dispel. I can imagine that the patient felt very isolated/neglected. I am a RN at a local public health agency, so I get phone calls all day long about fact vs. myth regarding seasonal/H1N1 flu. I agree the staff need to be counseled, but as I mentioned more than anything......educated!