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  1. redheadedvixen

    Nurses and Organ Donation

    The way I look at it is that I won't be needing those organs so someone who needs them should absolutely have them. I made that decision at 16 and have never waivered in that belief.
  2. redheadedvixen

    Things you'd LOVE to tell the doc and get away with it....

    wow......I'm thinking I'm lucky... To the doctor of my hospice patients... Thank you for allowing me to teach you new things every now and then, thank you for telling me I'm doing a good job once in a while, and thank you for helping me up off the floor after you told me you trust my judgement and value my opinion!!! And most of all thank you for knowing what the meaning of the word TEAM is.
  3. redheadedvixen

    Nonverbal symptoms of pain

    I have this patient with dementia who doesn't really have the ability to verbally express his pain. In his life before dementia I am told that he was very stoic and would never complain of pain even if he was in agony. I have found him several times moaning and groaning in his bed holding one part of his body or another. His family doesn't want him to take anything stronger than Tylenol, they say he's never been in pain and they don't believe he is now. His DOCTOR says moaning and groaning and holding your body doesn't mean you are in pain. :angryfire I was flabbergasted at this. Our medical director is going to intervene in this but has anyone had problems like this with physicians and families not wanting you to properly address a patients pain? How did you handle it? As for that doctor.......someday I'd like to be his nurse.... Yes sir I understand you just had an amputation....I have your tylenol right here.......... (oh that's so not nice )
  4. redheadedvixen

    Medicine disposal

    We are using the kitty litter/coffee grounds method because of concerns about the drugs going into the sewer system.
  5. redheadedvixen

    tachypnea symptom.

    Ok I'm confused by that statement vs the one in the original post..... " i felt that using roxanol to slow him down did not seem appropriate, somehow."
  6. redheadedvixen

    tachypnea symptom.

    No tachypnea isn't always an indicator of pain but in a dying person who is otherwise unresponsive it's either pain or anxiety, either way you don't want to leave someone in that state from the hospice perspective. We want them comfortable, it doesn't really matter why they are tachypneic when they are in the dying process we just don't want them to stay that way, it's much kinder to give them something to ease their breathing.
  7. redheadedvixen

    tachypnea symptom.

    I don't want to criticize but I agree with all of the above. In my mind a respiratory rate that fast = air hunger... I wouldn't want to die feeling like I was starving for air.....next time give the meds...liberally and often. When a patient is actively dying I don't really worry about giving too many meds, my only focus is to keep them comfortable and anxiety free which means roxinol or oxyfast and ativan intensol as often as they need it. Don't beat yourself up over this one though, use it to learn for the next one.
  8. redheadedvixen

    Roxanol being pulled from the market by FDA

    Our medical director is just switching everyone to oxyfast....just have to use 1/2 the dose because it's twice as strong.
  9. redheadedvixen

    Tips for New Interns: How To Get Along With The Nurse

    If I am in a pt's room when you enter please don't ask me to leave, maybe I need to be able to reiterate what you tell them after you leave since I can't read your writing most of the time. 99% of the time the patient is going to ask me what you meant by such and such anyway! Oh and do me a favor.....if you write a stat order don't put the chart back in the rack...
  10. redheadedvixen

    WA state and ID state lic

    Yes, both states are aware that I am licensed in both and there are no conflicts in holding both.
  11. redheadedvixen

    WA state and ID state lic

    Don't know about putting a hold on a license but I do hold licenses in two states without a problem from either one.
  12. redheadedvixen

    Can an LPN give Ativan, Haldol, Valium IM???

    If you are looking for concrete proof, check your state's nurse practice act, in Missouri you can view it on the state board of nursing website, I'm sure your state will have it there as well.
  13. redheadedvixen

    My poor resident

    How about a small one time dose of IM haldol just to get her calm then getting the roxanol increased to at least 10mg every hour along with some liquid ativan. We use the roxanol and ativan scheduled in hospice and it works very nicely. Once she's calm you should be able to get the dropper at least inside her lip which is good enough. Fentanyl patches give such a low hourly dose that alone probably won't do much to relieve her acute pain.
  14. redheadedvixen

    Post mortem care

    I was taught in nursing school that you ALWAYS clean up a body after death. How would you like to say goodbye to your loved one who is lying in a puddle of their own excrement or covered in vomit!!! I didn't know there were places that don't do this..I'm shocked! I always give the family the option to leave or stay if they feel comfortable. I don't always give a full bath if they've had one recently but I ALWAYS do peri care, wash their face and hands and comb their hair, put a fresh gown on......ALWAYS. Not only is it respectful to the patient who has just passed I also believe it shows the family that we really did care for their loved one. Sorry about the vent but this is a pet peeve of mine, I've had problems in the past with aides who would not help clean a body, other nurses who complained about "having" to do it while washing the body. I don't care if the person is dead you don't complain about them while you are working on them. :angryfire Some people will say that it's just a body...blah, blah, blah. Yes but it is also someone mother/father, sister/brother, wife/husband. I would want my family members body taken care of respectfully and want them freshly cleaned when I come in to say my last goodbye.