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  1. In our unit the goal is extubation within 4 hours. If pt is stable ( no excessive bleeding, CI 2.4 or above, no pressors, etc...) we can D/'C swan and A lines at 0400. Pt is then assisted to a recliner by 0530. This is our earliest mobilization. If the pt has met above criteria they are transfered to the stepdown floor before noon, and they most always ambulate to their room. They are expected to ambulate at least 3 more times that day, and at least 6 times on pod 2. Distance anywhere 200' - 400' each time. All our pt's are also started on Colace 100mg bid on pod 1 to aid mobilization of another kind. If for some reason lines are not d/c'd, but the pt is strong and alert enough, we will still get them to a recliner on pod 1, and the doc will decide what he wants to do with the lines when he rounds.