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  1. rolland542

    License renewal

    Check with the Board of Nursing in Vermont. In recent years, many states have required that you be in the USA under a legal visa before they will renew your license. I have no idea if Vermont is one of them. They do have a website so you may be a...
  2. rolland542

    Obama likes nurses

    So True - I was a presceptor at an ER and we only gave 1 day to PRN's but keep in mind - if you are hired by someone - ask them for an RN mentor....someone you can go to with questions or concerns...if you are open and upfront about wanting one it wi...
  3. rolland542

    Having a hard time...

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family of your friend. Emotional attachments can be difficult to deal with in nursing but amazingly it is just that which sets apart good nurses from the bad. All I can say is this....if you can set as...
  4. rolland542

    Rejecting the Transplant

    Just to update anyone watching this thread. The amendment to the Oklahoma Citizen and Taxpayer act of 2007 was squashed by right wingers......they are apparently under the misguided information that all you need to get a visa at the border is a le...
  5. rolland542

    "Fired for NO Reason"

    AMEN AMEN AMEN nothing more.....
  6. rolland542

    Obama likes nurses have you tried the correctional facilities (this is where I got my start and I can never replace the experience I received there) in your area - or how about nursing homes..... Secondly - MOST per diem companies will ask for a years exp...
  7. rolland542

    Immigration Issues that you need to be aware of

    The first organization actually helped with getting the law in Oklahoma passed. Unfortunately, nursing got caught up in the stuff. If you are here legally as I am, you should not be looked down upon from all your American co-workers. My education,...
  8. rolland542

    Immigration Issues that you need to be aware of

    hahahaha first of all - due process of law even immigration violations entitle you to rights - under your constitution............. ins cannot even patrol the border effectively - who would believe that they could run rampant across th...
  9. rolland542

    Immigration Issues that you need to be aware of

    for have failed to mention one thing, what about the number of tourists who are entitled to enter the us without a visa every year and some of those are entitled to stay up to six months like that. secondly, ins has shown throug...
  10. rolland542

    Colorado employer, Legal or not?

    I hold a Associates Degree in Nursing Suzanne. And I have 20 years experience in a variety of areas like dialysis, er, trauma. And I have NEVER encountered any difficulties with obtaining a visa under NAFTA with the TN classification. I have cro...
  11. rolland542

    Moving from Canada to US

    Actuallu Suzanne, you are incorrect. I have held over 20 TN visas in the past 15 years and have NEVER been asked for my NCLEX pass score sheet. The USCIS employees that process you for the TN visa have NEVER requested a passing score for the NCLEX....
  12. rolland542

    "Fired for NO Reason"

    even when she was given a list of her shortcomings (and they were her shortcomings, not everyone else's) to sign, she didn't get it. did anyone happen to give her a list of what she was doing well at? you attract more bees with honey than you do ...
  13. rolland542

    Moving from Canada to US

    For the original posting - you must pass the NCLEX for all but 4 states - check online to see what you are looking at. Currently it is taking about 12 weeks to get a CGFNS Visa screen certificate after the test is written. Then, apply to the nursin...
  14. rolland542

    Health Care Aide Program

    My sis ter took the course 15 years ago - she loves it. She now works for Extendicare.
  15. rolland542

    Colorado employer, Legal or not?

    I am curious - how many people posting answers to this nurses questions have actually worked in the United States under a visa from a foreign country?