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  1. i have seen many people on here who have gone from adn to bsn via online route. do employers question this during your interviewing process? do you feel they prefer those who actually completed their bsn on-campus vs. online? i'm concerned that my employers may not take my online degree as seriously since i completed it from another state school by way of internet. can any of you give me some honest feedback? any suggestions? i just don't want my degree to seem worth less just because i completed it online...and i am also wondering if my bsn diploma will state " bsn"...or "online bsn". thank you in advance!
  2. Hmmm...this is a little confusing.
  3. *guest*

    Workin part time while going to nursing school???

    What area do you live? I suggest you move into a room instead of renting your own place. In fact, to keep costs as low as possible, get a roomie. You are only going to be there to sleep . Also, if you have ANY public transportation system at all..get rid of your car completely. Cut off the cell phone..use a cheap lanline..such as vonage etc. I know there are deals out there that are $10/month. Make all of your food...potatoes, rice, and bread are GOOD fillers . Call your credit card companies and work out a SUPER low payment, or ask them to grant you a certain period of time where you do not have to pay..and then you can resume. The car is the BIGGEST issue here. They are just TOO expensive. I know that in some cities, cars are practically essential...if you feel you cannot part with a car...you need to move as close to campus as possible...this way you virtually do not need one. Yes, you will be "roughin' it"..but it will be SO worth it. Might financial aid cover the cost of a dorm room? I know it's not ideal..but just a thought. :) :flwrhrts:
  4. *guest*

    NLN LPN Pre Entrance Exam

    hello, i just went to general science quiz websites that focused on the way the cell functions, basic chemistry, biology...you know..the likes--stuff to refresh me. i would say to study in 30 minute intervals and take breaks. i didn't even study everyday up until my exam and i still did pretty well (see other threads). it's proven that you retain and learn more when you do it in short spurts. i have noticed that when i cram 3 hours, my brain seems to burn out/overload and i just forget everything i crammed. when i do it in 30 minute intervals it seems to stick fairly well. it's also a lot less stressful. it took me ages to figure out this studying technique!!! :lol: good luck. if you would like to ask any more questions you can send me a private message. :typing:heartbeat
  5. *guest*

    Can anyone name some ROP programs in California?

    lol yes, i realized this after i replied oops...oh well
  6. *guest*

    Do you bring your laptop to class/lecture?

    the trial thing never occurred to me. i shall go with that and try the pen out for the 90 days. if it's not worth it, i'll get my $250 back and stick with good old-fashioned pen & paper .
  7. *guest*

    BSN to MD

    you can go both ways. :)
  8. *guest*

    Do you bring your laptop to class/lecture?

    Oh I wasn't planning on bringing a laptop to clinical...and perhaps not even to class @ all...but definitely not clinicals. I'm wondering if I cannot get just as much use from a cheap digital recorder, pen, and spiral notebook, as I can with the pen. I know that the pen does wonderful things, but I am trying to think LONG and HARD before I make the $250 purchase :). I'm not sure how I would even use the uploading factor....I tend to just write thinks in my notebook. But if a digital recorder/notebook do not come anywhere near cutting it...I would definitely opt for the pen. Can you, or anyone else, please give me your feedback on that? I apologize if I do not seem too clear...just getting over a major migraine!
  9. Yes, I am trying to avoid "some" stress if possible....or at least make it a *pinch* less stressful, by trying to get familiar with some things beforehand :) Thank You so much for the links. Off to Amazon.com right now! :flwrhrts:
  10. *guest*

    Do you bring your laptop to class/lecture?

    This is something that I am considering. However, I am not sure the format in which clinicals are taught. Do you, or anyone else, feel that I might be able to take notes just as well a digital recorder, laptop and/or notebook? I'm just weighing out the price difference here. A digital recorder is $10-40 (eBay, walmart, etc.) and the pen, after tax and the needed notebooks, will total around $250. Not to say that I am not willing to pay that..but I am wondering if I am really going utilize everything on it. It's no doubt that the pen is AMAZING, I just have very little money to spend these luxurious days lol .
  11. *guest*

    Public Apology

    i applaud you for your humbleness. . it shows a noble part of your character :).
  12. i just want to say....this book is awesome so far. it is so completely visual, imo. i :redpinkhe it! thank you so much for suggesting this material.
  13. *guest*

    Frustrated and considering a career change

    hi again edge! i think that many of the members on here have given you awesome answers. yes, it seems as though some added a little sprinkle of "mean" to theirs :lol:, but all in all, most of them are right. it sucks when people aren't all nice and fluffy about it, but i would try to take it all as constructive criticism. take the positive out of each reply. reality isn't nice and fluffy anyway . yes, they are blunt, but that is what will probably help you in the future. i'm pretty sure some people have lost their zest for a positive personality, but after reading the replies, i can assure you that even some of the people who have attempted to rip me a new one are pretty intelligent. not everyone can be a batch of baked goodies. the comment about the text speak is correct. although i am not attempting to misdirect your post, you're too smart to type like that. it doesn't necessarily ruin my day, but i can understand why it was pointed out. you are welcome to type however you like, but i'm sure text code is a poor reflection of you as a sharp human being :). hopefully you were able to take the information from the replies in this post and use them to conjure up some useful ideas/plans. good luck to you. :flwrhrts:
  14. *guest*

    Mandatory Overtime Agreement in New York!

    Interesting...although I am in Augusta, Maine at the moment.
  15. *guest*

    This was surprising

    i am the same way. i'm almost always the first person to finish up as well. like someone else stated, i either know it or i don't. good for you on passing! :ancong!:
  16. *guest*

    Best. Stress. Relief. EVER.

    :lghmky:LOL! I suppose not!..... :idntdt:.....hmmmmmmmmm? :innerconf