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  1. TexasMitzi

    Math Requirement 1301 or 1302

    My adviser confirmed with an email stating the Contemporary Math class (1332) offered at a community college near me would be accepted for 1301 or 1302. I don't know why you received the response that you did (?)
  2. TexasMitzi

    MATH 1308 and/or POLS 2311 syllabus

    You can also try contacting your instructor, but I only received the syllabus for the 1302 class a few days before the class started. I don't know why they treat it as a closely guarded document, but I was caught off guard with the web cam, high internet speed, and additional testing fees as well. My hospital will only reimburse for tuition, and the class description did not include these extra requirements:( I have enjoyed every nursing class I've taken so far, but I recommend taking the math at your local community college where they don't charge extra for the exams taken at the testing centers on campus.
  3. TexasMitzi

    Health promotion, assessment and management

    I enjoyed Health Promotions, and I actually did relearn how to take care of myself a little more. I didn't find it difficult as the readings were interesting to me.
  4. Where do you all sell your books?
  5. TexasMitzi

    UTA online RN-BSN Spring 2014: Technical Writing

    Brush up on your APA format and follow the rubrics. They are not expecting you to write the great American novel, but they do expect you to learn APA inside and out. I highly recommend https://www.perrla.com.
  6. TexasMitzi

    Online BSN degrees being accepted by hospitals?

    The UTA RN to BSN program online program is highly rated, and they are a fully accredited school. I would be amazed if any employer rejected them! I'd talk directly to the nurse recruiter of the hospital(s) you are interested in and address your concern. Texas Tech and UT-Arlington are very reputable colleges. My hospital has a partnership with both to provide the online RN-BSN option to us.
  7. TexasMitzi

    Math 1308..Spring 2015

    Email the instructor. If the instructor is not shown yet then call the math department direct and request it. If they say the syllabus is not ready, finalized, etc. then ask for the one for the Fall semester. They might have minor changes but the gist will be the same. Khan Academy is a wonderful free resource that you might start watching in the meantime. I've read on these boards that the proctoring requires no background noise and that any interruptions will end your quiz/test without any retake opportunity. I don't know if that is true, but my noisy house (dogs, kids, etc.) would bump me off in 15 minutes! You can take the tests at the campus if you live close enough and save the proctoring fees.
  8. TexasMitzi

    Math 1308..Spring 2015

    I would recommend requesting the syllabus now so you can start preparing and reviewing any areas you need refreshing in. I dropped their Math 1302 after receiving the syllabus two days before the online class started and reading that I needed a webcam AND additional money for Procter U to do online monitoring for four tests (approx. 100-125.00). The grade breakdown is very important to be aware of as well. Math 1302 was as follows: homework/quizzes 20%, Chapter tests 50%, Comprehensive final 30%. I don't know how different their Stats class is from 1302, but I imagine that they may be very similar in structure.
  9. TexasMitzi

    Math Requirement 1301 or 1302

    Thanks. It is not offered online at my local community college, and my work/family schedule is unworkable with the offerings they have at the campus. I will look into Brookhaven.
  10. TexasMitzi

    Math Requirement 1301 or 1302

    OMG! I just checked the MyMav too and found it! I was told by my Academic Adviser (as of Spring 2013) that UT-Arlington no longer offered 1301! I'm absolutely perplexed and irritated! Why hasn't my adviser updated me?
  11. TexasMitzi

    Math Requirement 1301 or 1302

    I will check out Empire State then because I'm NOT taking any math at UTA! How long ago did you take your math though? I only have five more nursing classes, Algebra and Stats left.
  12. TexasMitzi

    Math Requirement 1301 or 1302

    I don't think UTA offers 1301 anymore, but they will accept it as a transfer credit.
  13. I dropped 1302 last summer after receiving the syllabus from the instructor only two days before the start date with the new requirements of a web cam, additional money for the proctoring and outlining the extensive homework along with the timed tests! 20 complex problems in 90 minutes with the pressure of keeping my entire family quiet as a mouse and no bathroom breaks? Yikes! I'd already bought the insanely expensive loose leaf text and the MyLab access code which they won't purchase back as I waited too long to return them:( After reading all of the reviews of these two classes, I want to find another online slower paced alternative to UTA. I've done great with the other classes I've taken at UTA, and I'm not afraid to study hard. I can't go to my local community college due to my crazy work schedule, child and senior care requirements. I need to do this online and find an instructor who has a little compassion for working moms! Any ideas?