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    The Army's On Its Way

  2. goodgrief

    What is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)?

    stop spreading our secret
  3. goodgrief

    Is it okay to ask for a Job Interview?

    I think it's absolutely okay to ask for an interview, the only 2 job offers I received after graduation were the 2 that I actually asked for an interview, and they were both for ICU's. When I went into the interview, the 1st question the manager asked me was "So, what can we do for you today?" I just told him a little bit about myself and that I was very interested in working on his unit. Then he proceeded to ask me normal interview questions and within 2 or 3 days he called me personally to let me know that HR would be calling me with a job offer and also that he was impressed I was bold enough to go out of my way to contact him and ask for an interview. He thought that if I was bold enough to ask for an interview that I would be bold enough to make sure the patients on his unit would always receive the care they need.
  4. So then go to The Gap or wherever they're paying new grads $26-$34/hr, don't get the excellent ICU experience MGH is offering. You don't see MD residents complaining about their low pay and having to staff the hospital 80 hours/week. They're mostly just happy they were accepted for a residency. Be lucky they're paying anything at all for training! $11.44 is very acceptable with your lack of experience as a new grad and your need to constantly have another fully-paid RN at your side to make sure you don't kill someone. I've seen plenty of new grads come in thinking they're hot shots b/c they did their capstone on ICU and then they end up hurting some patient that trusted in them for safe care. Take it or leave it, but quit complaining b/c there are plenty of people who will take these positions, be extremely happy, and never complain. Good luck at The Gap
  5. As a new grad, I can see the justice of them paying you $11.44/hr, ESPECIALLY if they don't make you sign a 2-year contract!! I don't care what program you attended, you cannot function at the same level of an experienced RN in an ICU setting as a new grad! PERIOD! END OF STORY! I don't care how many ICU clinical hours you got in your BSN program, those hours weren't completely autonomous as a student. I got TONS of hours as a student, an ICU course, plus I did my capstone in ICU with 300+ hours, and I still felt like an idiot going into ICU as a new grad. During your first several months you'll require an experienced RN at your side making sure you don't kill someone; that's double pay if they're paying you full salary and the other RN. If you don't like it, don't go into an ICU as a new grad. Personally, I went into an ICU as a new grad and am completely grateful for the residency experience I was able to obtain and have an experienced RN at my side. There is a nursing shortage, but unfortunately, there will probably never be a shortage of people who want to work in highly critical settings (ICU, ER, etc). If you want to fill a gap of the nursing shortage, go to a nursing home where you can use all the skills you learned as a student, but as for ICU, if you really want ICU, then you'll have to make sacrifices to get there. If you want full salary in the ICU, go to the Cleveland Clinic and work in their Cardiovascular ICU. You'll take 2 fresh open hearts every day. They pay new grads full salary, give you a 4 month orientation with an experienced preceptor, no contract, and you're a CVICU RN in the end with excellent experience from the #1 ranked heart hospital in the nation. That's what I did and now I'm in a top-ranked nurse anesthesia school. But please, stop your damn whining and negativity. If you want ICU, be positive and go for it, whether at MGH for less money, or somewhere else for more. Somewhere else for more $$ might mean that you don't get as good experiences as you would at MGH. Trust me, a regional hospital's ICU is nothing (acuity-wise) compared to a big name hospital's ICU. If you don't want ICU and you're not willing to make the sacrifices to get there, then don't complain b/c there are others willing to take it; and for less pay and worse working conditions.
  6. goodgrief

    fresh gas flow rates

    If you need to calculate 45% FiO2 with 3000 Total Flow using O2/Air combination: First calculate Total O2 Content Total O2 Content = 0.45 * 3000 Total O2 Content = 1350 Second calculate for air (Total Flow - Total O2 content) / 0.79 Air = (3000 - 1350) / 0.79 Air = 1650 / 0.79 Air = 2088.61 or 2100mL or 2.1 L So, set your Air flow meter to 2.1L Total Flow - Air = O2 Flow O2 Flow = 3000 - 2100 O2 Flow = 900mL or 0.9L
  7. goodgrief

    To the unemployed new grads... what ARE you doing?

    If you want to find work, there are definitely RN jobs out there. The problem is that SOME people aren't willing to move out of state or commute long distances to get to work and have their hearts set on only one hospital and one particular unit. Be flexible, be willing to do whatever work you can get. This will get your foot in the door at a facility (whether skilled nursing home, flu clinic, hospital, GI clinic) and then with a year of experience on that unit you'll be more qualified for another position you'd prefer to have. Be willing to move or commute. Several big-name hospitals are willing to hire and train new grads at a lesser pay, but will put you on an ICU if you want. Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and other big name hospitals do this. This is how I found my 1st job as a new grad, I went right on to a Cardiovascular ICU, although at a lower pay than other offers I received. I also had to move my family of 5 from the west coast to the east to take this job. Also, when you're in nursing school take advantage of being in your state or national professional organizations. I was a board member of my school's student nursing association and they sent us to all of the state and national conferences. While at these conferences I was able to network a great deal, in fact, that's how I made a contact for my 1st job. TONS of employers go to these conferences trying to recruit new grads.....but you have to be flexible to take some of these jobs, like moving out of state or taking a salary that's a little less that what you were hoping for. Go volunteer for a hospital or be willing to do CNA work on a unit that you like and once they see how well you work they'll probably be willing to hire you on as an RN. It's not that jobs aren't available, you just have to do the right things and put yourself in the right position to be the person they decide to hire.
  8. goodgrief

    Stipend contract....Is it really about the $

    I signed a contract with the Army...100% tuition/books plus stipend. I think I'd like to do trauma when I'm done so it seems like a great option
  9. goodgrief

    Contents of a resignation letter-help!

    Or as Abraham Lincoln said: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
  10. goodgrief

    Contents of a resignation letter-help!

    Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.
  11. goodgrief

    Georgetown interview tips pls!

    clinical questions: describe to me the last patient you took care of describe what your unit is like and what your typical patient is like A fresh post-surgical patient who is intubated rolls into your ICU, O2 sats are 70% and pulse ox is reading correctly, what do you do?
  12. goodgrief

    Can you answer this question?

    all of you are partially right, but meandragonbrett has the best answer......listen to breath sounds to make sure they're equal and chest rise is symmetrical, ETT could be lodged in right main stem
  13. goodgrief

    Can you answer this question?

    Directly after surgery an intubated patient rolls into your SICU from the OR. Upon arrival, O2 sat is 70% and the waveform is good so you know the pulse oximeter is reading correctly. What do you do FIRST?
  14. I start this fall, call me crazy but I bought the Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards and am trying to re-learn/review as much as I can when school starts so I won't have to spend as much time then. I also plan to take a good vacation this summer.
  15. goodgrief

    UNE/ST Joe, Barry Uni, or Wolford College. Which one is the best?

    Funny, I have a friend who applied to all three of these and has interviews from St. Joseph's and Barry. Random combination if you ask me :)