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  1. MSN in Education vs. NP - any advice?

    That is a really cool Thomas Jefferson quote sounds very relevant to todays society!
  2. MSN in Education vs. NP - any advice?

    Hi, I wanted to add my comments to you as I am an MSN prepared NP working as an educator in a hospital setting and with ADN students. I love my jobs. I cannot even tell you how rewarded I am. I do regret at this time I am not working as an NP and pla...
  3. Feeling really down.

    Too bad you cant come to Michigan. The weather stinks but there are alot of nursing jobs. I will keep you in my prayers and I think the advice given regarding your resume was solid. What about travel agencies? They will pay you to go, and give stipe...
  4. I'm truly inspired thanks for sharing that thunderwolf.:snowman:
  5. thanks so much for your help I appreciate it! :reindeer:
  6. considering nursing school at 45 yo

    Is the test general knowledge? I am sure you will do fine. We have a pre entrance for our students that moves them ahead in line for clinicals if they do well.
  7. Hey all what about Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, North or South Carolina?? Im in Michigan and am currently a nurse educator in both the critical care setting of a hospital and a community college. I am going to open my own DBA as home care NP and cont...
  8. considering nursing school at 45 yo

    Stop considering and get in there and do it! You will age whether you are in nursing school or not and instead of following your dream you will instead be left wondering what if? I teach at a community college and we have students who are 18 and stud...