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  1. Great discussion on the use of nursing theory! I see that there is a whole spectrum on opinions on the usefulness in practice. It seems obvious that a lot of what nurses are expected to do is grounded in basic common sense. But there were times in nursing school when common practice baffled me. For example, sliding scale insulin administration is something that is widely practiced in hospitals in my state, but when one looks at the research, its use has not been shown to lead to better patient outcomes. So, though it may be hospital policy to use this technique, perhaps we as nurses should be questioning why we do it.
  2. Hello, I am a graduate nursing student studying Advanced Public Health Nursing. I am doing a survey for my graduate nursing class regarding evidence-based practice. I'd like to ask the allnurses community whether you do (or don't) use research to guide your nursing practices. If so, how is your nursing practice guided by theoretical approach or researched-based evidence? Please include your title and field of nursing in your response (if you wish to share). Thanks!
  3. kurume830

    University of Hawaii-MEPN PROGRAM...anyone heard about it?

    hello starangel2. i am applying for this program this fall too. best of luck!

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