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  1. isis07734

    Anyone here work at Univ of Mich?

    Congrats to you guys! I know it's a big deal, and not easy to get Magnet status! Have BSN! I applied to both UM and Royal Oak this week, and will be going to the job fair next week. All the way from Florida! I never thought I could work with the peds population, but we just had our first and possibly last child 5 mos ago- and now I wanna take care of them all! haha. So UM has seperate peds and adult EDs, good to know. I'll ask at the job fair, but may as well ask here too.. on the job opening site, it says RN level II.. anyone know what that means? The level II? :)
  2. isis07734

    Anyone here work at Univ of Mich?

    Hey all! I'm looking for some insight as to which units have great reputations. I know the Unit Managers and co-workers can make or break a floor. Feel free to PM if you prefer, will be confidential. :) And also, if anyone has any insider tips for school guidance counselor positions opening up around AA/Chelsea/Dexter/Pickney/Saline etc, my wife and I would love you!
  3. isis07734

    tips and tricks for difficult IV starts?

    If ppl keep coming to you saying I got a flash or I got it! But it blew.. lessen the the turniquet pressure.
  4. isis07734

    Moving to Michigan! (Help)

    Update time! I now have my BSN, and JUST sent my ink finger prints to Michigan! The ball is rolling faster! I sent an email to theUM nursing recruiter, who was super friendly and helpful- but on the website, they dont have any AA cmapus nursing jobs posted! Yikes. Ill try back in a few days in case they were in the middle of an update. Pretty exciting. I havent completely ruled out another hospital, but my wife thinks I would like AA bc she thinks it's most like Gainesville (FL). Anyway, just wanted to update you guys! Hope all is well!
  5. isis07734

    Nervous to Go Back

    They will train you and make sure you feel ready, dont worry :) And they will continue to watch you after you train. Help is always around. (should)
  6. isis07734

    Question about holding meds?

    I'd hold it. You can always give it on the next set. But yes, the proper answer is: get parameters.
  7. isis07734

    Moving to Michigan! (Help)

    Just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate each of your comments and learn more everytime someone posts!
  8. isis07734

    Royal Oak Beaumont, MI (how is it?)

    Living in FL, working at Shands/UF Health. Thinking about a move, anyone work there?
  9. isis07734

    Hep C needle sticks

    nursie12, The chances are SO low with sc needles. After my stick I stuck myself a few times in the tummy with new sc needles to see how many times there was even blood on the needle. 1:10 times I could see a tiny tinge. Nothing anyone can say will ease your fears, but I will bet anyone who has had a Hep C needle stick and is waiting on results will be negative. The risk comes with large bore, and obviously if it hits your vein/artery etc. PM me if you wanna make a bet :)

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