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  1. In 20 years I've worked in 3 different hospital on med/surg. I've worked in home health. I've been a branch director. I've been a consultant for billing issues nursing related, and I've been a peds assessment intake nurse. I didn't really plan any of...
  2. Drive Through Dialysis: A Study in Resource Utilization

    The story is amazing, of course, but it is great to read something that is well written and punctuated properly, etc.
  3. Thanks for sharing. This is really what nursing is all about. The technical stuff if important, but after all the years I've been a nurse, your story is like the ones that mean the most to me - just the patient care - not so much WHAT was done, but...
  4. The Little Round Thing

    When I started that day it seemed the paramount thing to me just to get rid of the dress bypassing my state board exams. My clinical rotations had become routine stuff after two years. My mentor hardly bothered to check on me anymore. I thought I was...
  5. I Wish I Were Blind

    Yes. Lets all be more careful and work to help one another. Each person has to live with themselves so they only need kindness from others.
  6. I Don't Remember His Name

    Was this mother all alone. Was there no family or anyone with her during this experience? Was it just her and the nurses?
  7. I Am Not Alone

    You are right. Never give up. A lady in my class who was very smart didn't pass because her daughter ran away the night before. She was just stressed. Next time you go, do some relaxing therapy first.
  8. Laughter, the Best Medicine for Nursing School Blues

    I've been a nurse for 20+ years too. Sounds like a lot of us have similar experiences. The laughter is absolutely necessary. It turns every experience into a good experience.
  9. I still maintain after all these years of being a nurse that to feel makes the best nurses. If you care about kittens you will care about patients. Professionalism is learned or conquered, but caring need to stay alive even when you are a professio...
  10. Tales from the ICF: Ed-EEEEEEEE!

    I worked in a nursing home for 4 years. Your story is great, but the way you told it captured it well. I felt like you do about the friends I made as patients. Isn't it great to have a sense of humor?
  11. In the Presence of an Angel

    Thanks for sharing your story. It is a gift from God to make a difference. You must be warm and compassionate for this patient to sense your friendliness in your voice.