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  1. newns23

    Violence in Psychiatric Nursing

    "Mental illness is not a risk factor for being violent nor is working in a psych facility a risk factor for being a victim" ~fabulous point, fabulous post! thanks misssarahRN for that comment (well, everything you said actually)
  2. newns23

    RN Versant Program-Austin

    njinga413, I noticed online that up until recently you had to apply to Seton online (the hospital in general) as the first step to apply to the Residency program (specifically), but then right before September 20th they changed it to where you are not applying through the hospital's career website anymore, and are only faxing your information directly to the residency program. So I guess for us, the only way to check on the status of our applications is to call the Versant office directly (NOT HR). Anyone else applying for Behavioral Health specialty??
  3. newns23

    Accepted to TWU- advice and answers needed

    Congrats all!! I just got accepted for the spring as well (Houston) and am amazed at all the paperwork and things still left to do/spend money on before school starts (very annoyed that I had to pay 90$ for drug testing and fingerprinting). I am trying to figure out what we will HAVE to pay for on December 4th...I guess we don't need our books right away, and clinicals won't start for a while (so said someone else) so we could in theory wait on uniforms and stethoscopes? Financial aid comes out January 12th... so if anyone knows...I emailed the program coordinator about this and got no response, she probably thinks I'm a moron....but, just broke. Of course, worrying about the money aspect of this distracts me from the scary-hard-work aspect of actually starting Nursing school after all this time.