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    Hey guys, Im taking the TEAS test Jan 26 to get into the Wood County LPN program....Im wondering if I can just keep my NET study guide and study from it(if y'all think it would work), if I defintely need to buy the TEAS guide,or if I can buy one of the Mcgraw-hill books and be ok?Im a broke a college kid and dont really wanna spend money if I dont have to ya know?
  2. lilbrawler

    How you did you do it?

    How did all of you go about becoming a RN? ADN or BSN? how did you afford living?If you were on your own or living in with someone? How long did it take you to get your RN,part-time or full time?....just wanna know...so i can kinda...starting gettin all of my stuff lined out for a game plan or something to help me along...hearing your experiences/timelines etc. i think will help me...THANKS!!!