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  1. Columbia ETP 2010

    SF RN-to-be, We're not including the scholarship when we say $100k. As far as I know, everyone got it, but the cost of attending still technically includes that amount (for us it was $32k total, $22k for the first year). I think you'd have to be seri...
  2. Columbia ETP 2010

    PugetSound, No problem! We've got massive snow today so class was cancelled and I'm just doing work in the house with some cocoa :) I get email alerts when people respond, so it's easy to be quick. On the cost thing, you might be right. I haven't car...
  3. Columbia ETP 2010

    girlly, Over the summer, the whole group of ETP students is together in one lecture hall for every class. So that's, give or take, 200 students. These are core courses like Advanced Physiology, Pharmacology, and some Intro to Nursing type stuff. The ...
  4. Columbia ETP 2010

    Cstark, It's my understanding that they will not offer any dual specialties to anyone starting a master's after the Fall of 2010. Unless you're already an RN only coming to Columbia to start your Master's, I believe it won't be an option for you. Esp...
  5. Columbia ETP 2010

    FYI on the cost thing, from a current student - The $30k scholarship sounds like a big deal, but you'll still have around $80k leftover to pay in the first year when tuition, fees, and cost of living are factored in. A bit less if you live in the do...
  6. The Delivery

    OH my goodness, that's incredible! I'm starting nursing school for midwifery in May - thanks for getting me geared up for the wildest moments to come! :)
  7. LPN Job in Louisiana

    Heyyy, I can't help with the details because I'm not on the medical staff, but I work at Children's Hospital in New Orleans and they're a great employer (I'm in research)...if they're hiring LPNs (check their website - it's updated often), it could b...
  8. Columbia University-ETP

    To those who could go, for those of us who couldn't - please share any important or useful new information shared at the visiting day today! I'm sure you're all still living it up in NY for the day (or booking it to Boston, it seems), but once things...
  9. Columbia University-ETP

    Congratulations, Tempest! This is scary, no matter how we do it, but I think it'll all be worth it. I also did the same loan - may Wells Fargo turn out to be a good sugar daddy for us both! :)
  10. Columbia University-ETP

    I was also approved by Wells Fargo without a co-signer and my experience with the reps was super positive - I called a couple of times to negotiate interest rates and discuss loan options and everyone was pleasant and helpful, happily passing me on t...
  11. Columbia University-ETP

    And yet another question - for people who've done this school-loan thing before... Is it reasonable to assume that the federal loans have the lowest rates (6% and 6.8%, right now)? That is, our private loans are basically guaranteed to be higher than...
  12. Columbia University-ETP

    A tip to those who chose WellsFargo but don't have cosigners and haven't already committed to something - the Collegiate Loan that the Columbia site links you to takes your income into account as well as your credit rating and debt history... so even...
  13. Columbia University-ETP

    Oh - and they say the average age is 26, and getting younger every year. But there are still some students in their 50s, so nobody should feel too old or young! If you have the experiences required to know this is what you want and to be ready to do ...
  14. Columbia University-ETP

    Fellow future midwives :) - Yes yes, at the info session I attended, the director of the ETP program said that if people are planning to stay in the NYC area after graduation, they should combo-up their midwifery with the women's health NP option sin...
  15. Columbia University-ETP

    steffiemac571 - I know somebody who's in the ETP at Columbia already and lives in Bed/Stuy. So it's possible!