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    why can't we tell them?

    Why is it neccessary to make something up? Since they are not a direct threat to self/others, at this point, that's "good" news. Ultimately if they keep drinking and/or drugging there will likely come a day where they will need the inpatient psychiatric care. But, at this point it appears that they are on the road to "getting sick and tired of being sick and tired" and they need to recognize the "insanity" of "doing the same things over and over while expecting a different result". In the meantime, you can encourage them to attend AA and/or NA (doing a 90 & 90) and give them a list of SA tx facilities for them to followup with.

    Psych nursing books....

    I would suggest "Loosening the Grip" by Jean Kinney, "Chemical Dependency Counseling" by Robert Perkinson, and "Psychiatric Diagnosis" by Goodwin & Guze. Good luck.

    Sucker punched. First time I was ever punched by a man.

    "This is unacceptable. People MUST be held accountable for abusing healthcare workers, and management MUST back up their employees in situations such as you have experienced. You have every right to file assault and battery charges against that patient.......maybe if you do so, it will send a message to him that it's not OK to hurt others, and to your employer that they cannot just look the other way when their staff are beaten, hit, kicked, scratched, bitten and so forth."-VivaLas Agreed, Assault charges are the logical consequences for the behavior. Failing to press charges when appropriate "enables" the behavior. What a unit allows, they promote.

    RN wants to become a substance abuse counselor....

    You realize that you're likely looking at a huge pay reduction if you make the switch as a BA level counselor. Many substance abuce facilities use RNs and get a chance to do some counseling while still getting the nurse pay. Suggest that you start here: http://www.gaca.org/

    so many suicides

    Sounds like it's time to get a support network in place. This is a good issue for individual and group supervision. Many of us are blessed with a supportive fellowship that is available 24/7......it's also a good idea to have a personal network of peers and friends that allows you the freedom to "circle the wagons". I think most of the useful suggestions will address spiritual answers and experiences. Good luck.

    Smoking cessation ideas for in pt psych

    I went through this early last year with our patients. My review of the research suggested that the patients generally take to it easier than the staff does. Indeed, our staff anticipated issues but they were minimal. Giving patients access to the "patch" can be helpful. Otherwise you could simply google smoking cessation for several fact sheets and tips.