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  1. ST. JOHN in Virgin Islands

    I was recently offered a job at St. Johns VI, please let me know I need to hear comments. thanks you , RN
  2. Radiology nurses, also, in addition to starting IV's TE, an array of vascular procedures, TACE, Lysis, Drainages of any colection, US thorax, paras, pre-procedure, post-procedure, circulates on Gen Anesth ,pg pgj, cerebral angios etc etc etc extreme...
  3. June 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    hang yourself , please
  4. June 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100! that a hat on the floor....
  5. Ocala Info please :)

    Hi, I moved SW of Ocala, you will be 18 miles from"the end of the road" in yankee town where you can drop your boat, or see the ocean , must beautiful sunsets, hills and nice good peple. Houses in this area for rent are not expensive. then you have t...