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  1. BusinessNurseLinda

    Prospering Nurse

    YOU better believe I get excited!! I've owned my own home/internet based business for three years and owned a national medical cost containment corporation doing legal/medical fraud reviews and audits before that!! I've heard others nurses saying that nurses are SUPPOSED to be poor and humble! HOGWASH!! I was just finally smart AND fed up enough to decide I wanted to build something for me and my family and NOT just live from paycheck to paycheck! :-Þ I LIKE being able to travel for a month in Germany if I choose and not worry about begging for time off work or having to worry about not having income while I'm gone!! Linda/RN [This message has been edited by bshort (edited February 23, 2000).]
  2. BusinessNurseLinda

    Leaving Management

    I worked in management for years.... and it was TOUGH!! I caught hell from upper management and then again from staff!!! I considered stepping down and going back to regular staffing, but decided to test the waters outside of the hospital setting.... It's NO SHAME to step down!!!! Each individual should do what's best for them!!! GOOD LUCK!! Linda/RN [This message has been edited by bshort (edited February 23, 2000).]
  3. I was admitted to the hospital for GYN and bladder work, and was SUPPOSED to be confined three nights. After I caught (RIGHT before it happened) the SECOND ALMOST medication error (one was by a RN that said she didn't know the meds as she normally worked Peds!!), I went home 14 hours post op! Didn't have to worry about my hubby screwing up my meds at home! NO I DID *NOT* FEEL SAFE!!! If you have to be hospitalized, have someone stay with you!! It was my HUSBAND that had me TC & DB and do leg exercises while in bed, and HE checked me (as I had pre-instruced) for bleeding.... while not a single floor nurse did!!! If THIS is "nursing", I'm even MORE glad I'm out now!!!! Linda/RN [This message has been edited by bshort (edited February 27, 2000).]
  4. BusinessNurseLinda

    8 hour shift vs. 12 hour shift - your opinion...

    My opinion is, since I NEVER seemed to get away from the hospital in less than 9-10 hours when I worked 8 hour shifts (I was usually charge nurse), I MUCH preferred the 12 hour shifts... Linda/RN [This message has been edited by bshort (edited February 23, 2000).]
  5. BusinessNurseLinda

    agency nursing

    I'm a RN with a hospital background of cardiac and psych, and then LNC, auditing, and medical fraud investigation, and I had once considered agency nursing, as the pay is often DOUBLE what staffers make. I invited four agency nurse friends to lunch and picked their brains. For some of the same reasons listed above, I decided against going "agency" and now have my own home/internet based business. Every situation AND every individual is different. Closely weigh your pros and cons and you'll know what to do! I wish you the best of luck!! Linda [This message has been edited by bshort (edited February 23, 2000).]
  6. BusinessNurseLinda


    I feel REAL strongly that it's EACH of our responsibility for reporting cases of suspected abuse. In fact, I own my own home based business now, but right before I left home health, I know of a RN and the HHA she worked for that that was in DEEP legal water for NOT reporting a suspected elder abuse. As you know, you don't have to have "proof", and everything is kept confident... Linda
  7. I WAS frustrated in Nursing for MANY years. Seemed the more I gave, the more they expected... all for $50,000 yearly which I never seemed to be able to rise above. I now have a home based business, and love it. I *DO* admire the nurses that give day after day, but I had nothing in me left to give. As a nurse I was never able to travel, something I LOVE, and now I travel every few months... Linda/FCLS, BS, RN