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  1. I want to thank everyone so far for reading my post and for the replies. I appreciate your opinions and advice. I also want to clarify that it is not my personal feelings when I say the "stigma" associated with male RNs. Maybe that is the wrong choice of words. Perhaps "non-traditional" is more appropriate. Either way I don't think it is unfair to say that most people associate the nursing profession with women, though I know males are increasingly becoming a bigger percentage.
  2. Hello everyone. I have been thinking about a career change the last few months and this site has been a wealth of information. About me: 28 year-old Male BA Economics, University of Michigan Master of Accounting, University of Southern California CPA License Work for a Big 4 accounting firm as an external auditor Let me start off by saying that I don't like my current job. I just don't find it interesting or fulfilling in any way. This has led me to explore many different career options moving forward. I would have a much higher income ceiling if I stuck on the path I'm on, but I know I would be unhappy with my day-to-day life. The benefits of nursing that appeal to me: 1) Helping People (some sense of satisfaction or purpose) 2) Work-Life Balance 3) Decent Money 1) In my current job, I know I don't make a real difference. It is impossible. How can analyzing the accounting and financial statements of companies ever give anyone any personal satisfaction? I have zero passion or appreciation for it. The only thing that motivates people in my industry, that I can tell at least, is making money. Zzzzzzzz. Wake me up when something interesting happens...which will be never. As a nurse, I feel like I would at least be making a small difference in someones life some of the time. 2) It is hilarious to me that firms in my industry promote their "Work-Life Balance" initiatives. There is no balance. It's all work. Most of the year we are working at least 50 hours, and often many more. Even if I'm not at work, there is always something to finish up or plan for. There is just a lot of stress because there is always more to do that can be done. In nursing, it seems like many "full-time" positions are 3-12hour shifts. That seems like the most amazing thing in the world to me. I know it is tough work on your feet and can be stressful, but 4 days off a week would more than make up for it IMO. It would leave me plenty of time to have a life outside of work. I'm kind of pondering the whole...am I working to live or living to work...philosophy. I'd rather work to live. 3) The pay is pretty decent. It is certainly enough to have a decent way of life. I grew up pretty well-off so I have no burning desire to live the good life. That doesn't motivate me. There are certainly a lot of options for advancement and grad degrees...I would certainly take advantage of one of those avenues. I don't need to be rich. I would enter one of the accelerated BSN programs for students that already have bachelors degrees. This would require me to take approximately 6 prereq classes to get in the BSN program, maybe a couple more depending on the program. I am thinking I would move back to Michigan (where I grew up) from Los Angeles and take advantage of one of the programs there (maybe U of M). I am kind of over LA and want to get back to my mid-west roots. I could not pursue the prereqs to gain admittance to an accelerated BSN program while working at my current job. The hours are too long and unpredictable, including weekends once in a while. There is no way I could make it to class regularly unless it was always at 10PM...and even then sometimes I wouldn't be able to make it. I can't tell my employer...oh yeah, on Mondays and Wednesdays I have to be at class at 6PM. It's not an option. I would have to get a new job that has predictable hours where I could take night classes to get the BSN prereqs. I am thinking of trying to find an accounting job in Michigan to make this happen and then I would be able to pay in-state tuition to my BSN program. As you can see, I'd have to be pretty certain that Nursing is what I want to do before I put the wheels in motion of looking for a more reasonable accounting job in Michigan. There are some things that concern me about nursing: 1. A stigma of men in the profession, both in my personal and professional life 2. Cleaning up poop (please excuse the bluntness) and giving sponge baths I am pretty sure I can mentally deal with the Greg, RN (Meet the Parents) type of comments or opinions. I hope it wouldn't matter to women, but if it does, then I wouldn't want to marry her anyway...right? I'm also sure I can get over the more undesirable parts of the profession, such as cleaning poop. That is something RNs are responsible for right? Or do LPNs or Nursing Assistants do more of that? Any who, I am open to any and all advice. I am especially interested to know if nurses are generally happy with their careers. I can tell you that most people at my firm openly complain about it and we have extremely high turnover. Your view of the work/life balance would be interesting as this is a very appealing aspect of nursing to me. I'd love to hear about someone's personal experience making a similar type of change. Most of my friends think it's a bad idea. I'd love to hear what you think.