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BoonieNurse has 16 years experience and specializes in Cardiac, Skilled, Medical.

Married, mother of 2 grown children and grandmother of two preschoolers that I "sit" for several days a week. Went to nursing school in my thirties when my kids where 4 and 7 and worked part-time in a Level 1 ER as a tech while in school.

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  1. BoonieNurse

    Ignorance or just not caring?

    I understand the MD not being able to give a pt a DEFINITE discharge date in advance, BUT the SW could have called for info re: motels and communicated this info to the patient.
  2. BoonieNurse

    Still a new nurse?

    I do the same as medsurgrnco.... I work both 7p and 7a shifts and have a facesheet that I made up on my computer for each shift. It has a column of routine tasks that gets crossed off when each is completed.... things like: crash cart check, check vital board, check am lab results, sign graphics, assessments, accuchecks, sign in room forms, count narcs, tape report, accucheck QC, stock med carts, etc....
  3. BoonieNurse

    Patient Advocacy and CODE STATUS?! Need feedback please!

    Before I became a nurse, my mother had been in a coma postop with sepsis for 2 weeks. On the 14th day (the only noc we had spent away from the hospital), my dad and I were awakened by a phone call that they had "coded" my mom. When we arrived at the hospital and I asked the nurse why they had done that, she replied "You didn't tell us not to".... we had NO IDEA that we had to do that. I ALWAYS make sure that my (very sick) patients and their families know that they have options. I feel that this is a moral obligation as a patient advocate.