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  1. misshayley

    job hunting in the time of covid

    Hi y'all, So I have been an RN with the same network for 9 years. I graduated April 26 2020 and passed FNP boards June 4th. I am feeling destitute applying to jobs. I get so few call backs and the only one that wanted me so far was a cash weight loss clinic for women looking to lose 20 pounds and upsell cosmetic procedures. I interviewed with cardiology today and its like slave labor hours. I am so discouraged. I spent so much time energy and money to put myself in a better position of working smarter. I loved all my clinicals and all the jobs I rounded with. Primary care won't even cough on you without 3 years experience. I am just so bummed. Is the market saturated? Is it all just Covid? any one else in the same boat?
  2. misshayley

    Olivet Nazarene FNP

    Hi All, I'm supposed to start in feb 2018, I just read some HATEFUL reviews on other sites, getting a little nervous... can anyone testify to this problem... as far as the finding preceptor thing that's pretty much universal.
  3. misshayley

    Struggles with tests -last semester asn

    Slow down! I used to rush too and would make "silly" mistakes. I always try to read the question slowly and if I get anxious and notice myself skimming a question rather than reading it I reboot and start reading the question over more slowly. Also I will skip questions I am not sure on and come back to them at the end once I have answered all the questions I know. If your not sure of an answer try using process of elimination and critical thinking to get rid of the surely wrong answers and narrow it down. Good Luck! Your almost there! Hayley-ASN student
  4. misshayley

    Does the TEAS test provide formulas?

    Can anyone tell me how much time is alloted for each section of the TEAS test? Thanks
  5. Hey all! I was jut wondering if the TEAS test provides the formulas for area, interest, perimeter things like that or if i need to memorize them....