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  1. NICU RN310

    Background Checks

    Sammycakes, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your conviction substantially has a great deal to do with the welfare of patients and is directly related to the scope of Nursing. A classmate of mine had a similar scenario as yours and the Board of Registered Nursing denied his application for lisensure, and this conviction was dated back some 15 years ago. Because your felony conviction had to do with causing harm to another and the court sentenced you to 4 months in jail and the fact it happened just 5 years ago, tells others that you have an anger management issue. THAT is very concerning to the public, nursing recruiters and, in my opinion, the BRN. Again, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I am just keepin' it real.
  2. NICU RN310

    CA.LVN to RN Bridge Program

    It would be worth your time to just get your ADN instead of the 30-unit option. Should you decide later down the road that you want to get your BSN, it'll be less hassle (not to mention the headache) with taking the extra classes that was required of you had you went ahead and opted for your ADN. With your ADN, you can practice outside of California, whereas with a 30-unit option certificate you really are restricted to just California. Hope that helps! RN school was tough, but if you're determined to get your RN, then nothing should prevent you from achieving your goals! YOU CAN DO IT! Remain positive and stay away from deceptive classmates! Nursing is a team effort, make sure you study with people who pull their own weight and not just there to pick your brain! Good luck! Just remember, thre is no substitute for hard work! Put your best into it, because we need you! Take care & GOD bless!
  3. NICU RN310

    Yeah!...I passed!

    congrats 2 u! go celebrate, you deserve it! again, happy 2 hear of your success...congrats, you did it!
  4. NICU RN310

    failed nclex 5x

    Sorry to hear about you not passing. On the same token, you shouldn't compare yourself to your classmate who didn't know how to perform a sterile technique. Remember, the negative things you say against other people will come back to haunt you. Although your male classmate wasn't the best at performing sterile techniques at least he passed the boards and now possesses the honorable mention of joining the elite group of RN's. Where are you in your career right now? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but when you trash other people just expect to get it back in return. Oh, and by-the-way, if its taken you this many times to TRY and pass the boards, chances are, you're in the wrong field. We, Registered Nurses, possess critical thinking abilities, and it's OUR critical thinking abilities that saves lives! That's why the NCLEX is so hard. We need more safe and competent RN's...not a bunch of idiots killing patients. Again, sorry to burst your bubble but that's reality for ya! In this profession, it is a must to have a thick skin! Enough said, case closed!
  5. NICU RN310

    Took my NCLEX 2 days ago!!!

    Found out this morning that I passed! Praise and glory be unto GOD Almighty! Always keep your faith in HIM, because only HE knows your future! Praise be unto the LORD! Amen! Good luck to everyone taking the NCLEX! You will be in my prayers!
  6. NICU RN310

    Took my NCLEX 2 days ago!!!

    I just took my NCLEX on Monday! After the computer shut off @ 75 I felt like I had failed the test! Can anyone tell me how long it usually takes to get your results in California? The waiting is killing me! I felt like I was guessing at the answers! HELP!!!! Thanks!!!
  7. NICU RN310

    what inspired you to work in nicu?

    I commend you on wanting to be an NICU Nurse! I'ts very rewarding! Especially when you get to see your little patients grow and make progress every year at the hospital's annual party! What's more inspiring is when these once-so-called, "preemies" run to give you hugs and kisses! That's when you know YOU'VE made a difference in their lives and their families! Stay motivated and inspired, pretty soon you'll be getting those hugs & kissess from them! :kiss
  8. NICU RN310

    Home Health visit rates

    Cmyst, I don't work for a Home Health Care Registry, just regular staffing. But they paid for me to relocate, free housing and free car rental. On top of that, I was able to get the shift I wanted and the unit I requested without any problem. I hope that helps you a little. Don't give up though, in this day and age you can find work ANYWHERE due to the nursing shortages/crisis! Don't settle, keep trying. You'll be able to see that light at the end of the tunnel soon! Good luck! NEVER GIVE UP FOR WHAT YOU WANT! Keep caring, Baby nurse
  9. NICU RN310

    Home Health visit rates

    Have you considered relocating to a different area? We're getting ready to move to Seattle, WA because I just accepted a 24-week assignment with my registry. The money is great and it's a good networking resource! Good luck to ya!