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  1. PACU/Recovery room Visitors

    Greetings reaching out to all PACU / Recovery room nurses regarding visitors in the room. I am sure many of us find it difficult having visitors within the PACU bit can any of you share your departments ideas as to how to accommodate the growing dem...
  2. Help advice needed

    Although both are Benzo's they produce different metabolites and the Dr was able to determine that it was DiazepamAs I don't have a Diazepam script that is why there is an issue
  3. Help advice needed

    I recently had a drug screen come back positive for Benzo's. I have script for Ativan that I occasionally take to help me go back to sleep I the early hours of the morning. One night iinadvertently took my Spouses Valium rather than my Ativan. I have...
  4. Does your OR have to hold til theres a PACU bay??

    Our Facility is one in which if you tell the OR to hold you can set your watch and in 2 1/2 minutes the CNO is marching into the room asking why Dr ........ cannot bring his patient out? fix it now and don't hold them up ,this is irrelevant of how fu...