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    Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    Im a second year student who is going through this this quarter. Im new to the forum too, so Hi everyone. I am at my 5th clinical site and the first 4 were outstanding with a few nurses who weren't very helpful..... so be it. This quarter though, is a totally different story. Im absolutely amazed at how horrible this whole hospital is to new hires and students. We had an incident yesterday where the RN was with the student and made a mistake, blamed the student and said the student acted alone. It has gotten to the point where we are going to tell our instructor that we refuse to perform procedures/pass meds and we will just shadow the RNs so we can't be thrown under the bus like this. Another example, I showed up for report and walked up behind the RN I was working with for the day to hear her complaining about how bad she hates working with students. She turned around and I gladly told her I didn't want to be here either, but I will be kicked out of the program for not completing clinical. I have read posts about "respect issues" which maybe so, but I have never disrespected anybody. Im a military man, and I give respect where it is due. On the other hand, this RN treated me like I was an idiot and I promise you I have more experience than she does. I was a medic in the infantry for 6 years, did one tour in Iraq, worked in Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and so on. I am always respectfull, and I kind of expect the same. I feel that so far I have worked with some great RNs. I have also worked with quite a few that need to retire. Im new to the field and I don't want to hear about how horrible it is and how hard it is. Im excited to be a nurse, I love this. I definetly feel that the RNs that I have worked with that aren't student or new hire friendly really go out of their way to let you know it though.