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  1. heynow1313

    Kaplan question...

    I am using the Kaplan review course, the Kaplan "Strategies, Practice, and Review" book, and the La Charity book. I have heard people say that Kaplan doesn't offer much in the way of content, but the review course has very comprehensive content reviews on their website and the free books you receive with the course, "Basics" and "The RN Course Book" seem sufficient to me. I will take the NCLEX sometime in June. I really feel like Kaplan is worth it. Really take your time to identify the topic of the question and work through whatever strategy you need to use. If you think them through and take your time, you will start to see patterns in the questions and, without even realizing, you will start answering more and more correct. Well, I'll be signing off now and applying for a job at Kaplan since I'm doing such a good job blowing smoke up their a**
  2. heynow1313

    Sigma Theta Tau

    hey everyone. i'm getting ready to graduate from an accelerated program in may of this year. i just received an invitation to join sigma theta tau. can any of you who are a member tell me about the perks? i know i can go on the website and talk to faculty about this... but i really want to know, honestly, from you all, what you have gained from membership. my parents are asking what this "sorority" (ha ha!!) is all about and, frankly, i don't have a clue what to tell them. thanks!
  3. heynow1313

    Pharm was long ago. Is this right??

    Yep, you got it. Some things we just never forget.
  4. heynow1313

    HESI Assessment Test

    Hi. I have the PDF version of the HESI entrance study guide. If you send me your personal email I will send you the file. It is very helpful.
  5. heynow1313

    HESI study guide help

    I have a PDF version of the Hesi Study Guide. I don't know how to send it to you, though...
  6. heynow1313

    FAU Accelerated BSN May 2010

    I think they must be feeling the pressure of all the anxious students because I spoke with the program advisor and she said letters will be going out mid February.
  7. heynow1313

    What grade is "passing" in your nursing school??

    My BSN program requires a 76% average for all exams. Any quizzes, papers, projects, etc... are only averaged in AFTER that 76% has been attained. It's hard, but necessary, I suppose. We can do it!